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19 February 2021

e-khool collaborates with MAAZTER:

K12 education App for tamilnadu 12th students

Abinaya J S

E-khool announces its 150th collaboration with MAAZTER for providing the online learning platform for tamilnadu 12th school students. The director of e-khool LMS says, "The collaboration with the MAAZTER make learning more fun and engaging 12th students with advanced video recording features. The plenty of resources and advanced features makes the Class 12th students go beyond the basics and enrich the knowledge. These features make the effective learning among the students and influence the bonding to achieve a future goal". Also, MAAZTER platform is specifically designed to facilitate online learning and help class 12th students stay on top of the field through quick learning model. The live class facility boosts the virtual classroom capabilities and face-to-face communication between teachers and students, making it more engaging and collaborative through discussion forums that bridge the gap in learning.

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