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Coaching application powered by e-khool LMS platform augments the user's preferences with personalized content delivery for an immersive experience. The online coaching based on LMS software builds the confidence level of the learner. The one-to-one online coaching provides 100% attention among the learners by the trainer. Also, online coaching is cost-effective and it supports reaching the goal with increased confidence and mental flexibility. Also, e-khool is the best learning management solution for coaching.

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Self-reliant: Online coaching powered by e-khool LMS develops the thinking capability and thus, strengthen the learner in particular field. The inner confidence is developed through online coaching and the activities provided by the learning management system improves the self-worth that makes to decide on own by developing the leadership quality.

Deep level of learning: The online learning platform helps learners obtain in-depth knowledge in a particular field through the experts in that area by the learning management system to achieve higher levels of effectiveness. e-khool SaaS bbased online learning platform helps to make the learners master in the particular field.

Modernization of professional training and coaching with Coaching App:

Modern generation coaching apps: Learning with online coaching apps oer a unique view of the learning process. Coaching apps help students learn faster every time. Modern generations are more aware of online coaching applications. Gain more approvals and reach on a global scale as a result of using coaching applications in Institution.

Increase Sales and Brand Awareness: Coaching apps for educational institutions not only make students learning method simpler, but also improve the institution's global brand image with unique coaching applications. This branded coaching application attracts more learners compared to online education. With branded coaching apps, institution's can reach all target people. e-khool is a perfect learning app with more advanced and unique features to make learning and teaching easier for all students and teachers. Through branded mobile applications, institutes have a global reach, allowing them to reach their target audience and increase sales.

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How the coaching mobile app does help for learners?

Coaching apps allow instructors to upload course resources such as PDFs, videos, audios, exams, assignments and live lessons so that learners can learn courses at any time. Students can use the coaching app to take exams, where they can instantly view reports on both brain power and knowledge power percentages and learners can save travel time using the coaching app.

Dedicated mobile app that is best for coaching academies with coaching mobile app.

The biggest advantage of having your own coaching mobile app for learners is that it's easy to use. Learners can use their own coaching app to study on their own time and study anywhere with easily portable learning materials. Learners can easily study content and take exams online and the app provides instant reports for each exam. Periodic reminders are available via push, SMS and email notifications.

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Coaching apps help teachers or trainers to develop and manage the online business over the internet. This allows the learners to buy courses online and start learning from anywhere. For effective learning, e-khool coaching app provides the best way for learners to communicate with trainers. Coaching apps make all course content and all topics available to learners in their own application.

A key advantage of using the Coaching App is the ability to reach the target audience on a global scale. Most of the remote students find it uncomfortable to travel, in this case online coaching apps can help them in their future and institutions can further improve their enrollment numbers as app users.

e-khool offers applications on both Android and iOS and the coaching app is fully branded in their own brand name.

Available as recorded videos for learners, making them even more convenient in coaching mobile app. These recorded lessons are available to all students who have never attended a live online session. These online downloaded learning materials allow students to study anywhere, even no network is available.

e-khool is the Top Coaching Management Software that makes the teacher do the online coaching towards the goal. Online coaching provides strong motivation to achieve the goal through the experts in the LMS software and thus allow to build the online academy.

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