Apr 20,2023

ekhool - AI powered LMS

ekhool - AI powered LMS

Artificial intelligence at present plays an important role in e-learning industry. It was well enveloped in the Learning Management System that covers most of the features like report tracking, performance analysis, AI based content management System, Interactive content Authoring tools like interactive flip books, etc. AI based LMS modules come within the platform but can be accessed on less effort. Managing and monitoring, tracking activities on learner portal are important features to be implemented on AI-powered LMS.

How AI based LMS different from the native LMS software

Native LMS Software is a e-learning platform that allows your Edutech business to have a global outreach through advanced options with content management system, report generation based on the exam marks scored from the learners. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence-Powered Learning Platform aid customers in many ways such that simple ways for real time assistance, enhancement in content accessibility, generation of unique contents and most importantly, having personalized contents.

Features get enriched under e-khool LMS with Artificial intelligence

AI Based LMS is enriched with advanced options enhancing content management, Learner performance tracking and reporting that boosts the interactivity of the end users for better learning. Let's see few of the advanced features below.

1. Adaptive content dripping

AI-powered LMS comes with most advanced content dripping feature where the content materials will get released in certain order to the end users based on few strategies like, study progress, content completion etc. The course was predefined for release to the end users through certain conditions, that was purely analyzed and executed by Machine Learning (ML).

2. Learning progress tracking and prediction

The learner progress was tracked and the end results were generated as reports on clean prediction was entirely possible only on Artificial Intelligence-Powered Learning Platform. Artificial Intelligence helps the end users to self-evaluate themselves through this well-defined tracking of learning progress.

3. Intelligent in-app messages

AI- Based LMS offers in-app messages, that are more helpful for the customers to engage with their end users by predicting the time and boost their interest in the LMS platform. Deep learning-based prediction algorithm is used for timely prediction for in-app messages. One of the interactive ways to communicate with the end users to trigger them to learn more in the AI based online education.

4. Intelligent reporting

The major advantage in the AI-powered LMS is generating the reports that is based on different scenarios. One can generate reports based on trainings, exam grades, performance, learning capability etc. This immensely helps the learners to analyze their progress helping them to self-evaluate and learn more.

5. Intelligent similar course recommender

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Learning Platform is empowered with features like course recommendations for the end user to get more in depth to the course hierarchy. AI based search results will provide similar courses recommended to the end users for better learner interactivity.

6. Intelligent video analytics for interactive videos

Interactive videos are the major content authoring tools in the AI Based LMS boosting the interactivity between the system and end user. AI based videos analytics lets the learners to have the video-based learning with interactive quizzes in between. This allows the learners to focus more into conceptual learning with the help of AI in the LMS platform.

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We believe that together with our customers, we are creating a new generation of learning platforms fuelled by artificial intelligence and micro-services architecture.