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The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is the leading standard for e-Learning. Course authoring tools can be used to create courses that are SCORM-compliant. SCORM files are fully functional within the system and allow users to access their content. It also reduces development time with SCORM integration and easily downloads from your existing platform.

Platform supports integration of content authoring tool SCORM integration for online learning
The Branded LMS platform supports interactive SCORM tool highlighting e-khool as SCORM compliant LMS software

SCORM compliant LMS software

A regular SCORM integration -enabled course appears like a ZIP archive. This ZIP archive contains all the texts, images, videos, and other properties used in a course. But what distinguishes a SCORM LMS record from a standard archived set of properties is the strict hierarchy of documents and the code that governs their interaction.

SCORM compliance is a preferred term, but there are three levels of SCORM support such as, SCORM conformant, SCORM compliant and SCORM license. The difference between conformant and conforming is not obvious to most users until they read the specifications carefully. Because e-courses can collect statistics and facts. This distinction pertains to elements supported by a SCORM-compliant, compliant or licensed LMS.

Four Reasons to select SCORM-compliant LMS:

(1) Development Time: Tight deadlines make it very difficult to create an interesting course. SCORM content authoring tools reduce development time for course creation and enable learners to get interesting and interactive content in their SCORM e-Learning Standard resources.

(2) Collaborate capability: SCORM ensures to provide content collaboration and makes it easy to host in secure a cloud.

(3) A global standard of content: SCORM contents are compatible with all the SCORM compliant LMS software so it is easy to switch over from one LMS to another LMS easily. SCORM is the global standard for content packaging and familiar for publishing within online LMS software.

(4) Easy existing management: SCORM is familiar for easy exit management as the courses can be easily backed up and upload in new platform very easily.

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Why SCORM compliance is indispensable in selecting the LMS Software?

Because effective e-Learning distribution depends on your Learning Management System's capacity to read, run and report on course content, SCORM is crucial. Learners desire intriguing and interactive courses and SCORM provides these characteristics. For example, SCORM encourages students to click on images and other on-screen elements, which produces dynamic text. It also asks students to expand components before moving on to the next section.

Create most interactive tools by customizing content materials through SCORM packaging

The "imsmanifest" file found in SCORM packaging, also known as the Content Aggregation Model (CAM), contains the details required to automatically import and launch educational content in accordance with predefined criteria. The "imsmanifest" file's XML regulates an e-structure course's by delivering content to the end user in a sequential order and precisely indexing each file from a back end perspective.

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e-khool LMS, Docebo, iSpring, LearnUpon and SAP Litmos are the five best SCORM compliant LMS software and this SCORM LMS software is perfectly suited for blended learning.

SCORM authoring tools help you create optimized content that can be easily uploaded to the SCORM cloud LMS platform. Authoring tools allow you to manage and create course content and publish it as SCORM content in your LMS.

Yes, e-khool LMS have the separate option to upload the material as the SCORM file.

Elucidate, Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Captivate, iSpring Suite and Camtasia are the best SCORM authoring tools.

e-khool learning management system supports 5 technology versions such as, SCORM 1.1, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 2nd Edition, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, SCORM 2004 4th Edition.

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