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e-khool creates incredible space in the K12 industry by offering school ERP which helps to improve school’s overall performance

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e-khool Top School management system with trusted platform helps for better Student Management
Most trusted School ERP solution providing Teacher Development Management for faculties
Leading SMS ERP Software helping students with options for best Library Management
Managing Employees, Faculties and staffs now become easy with HR Management provided in the best School management system.
By the best SMS ERP Software, admissions were easily managed through Online Admission Management
e-khool One of the top School ERP Software helping top schools to maintain their current academics through available Academic Management options.
Serving top schools with advanced School ERP system to organize exams through Examination Management.
Well developed options for faculties in the best School ERP Platform for Transfer Management.
Whitelabeling feature for LMS software
Top third party apps within e-khool LMS
Analytics and report card for mobile learning management system
Video materials within mobile learning platform

Enriched and seamless SMS experience with
School ERP Software

Six features that is always preferable for the schools to easily make the decision and avoid hectic of non-systemic approach

Multi-school management under e-khool smart school management system enables the best digital transformation
20+ third party Integrations within e-khool school ERP solution
Branded Mobile app for the students and parents under online school management system



Top school ERP integration services include learning management system, website builder, SMS and Email gateway.

Mobile app
Mobile app

Get data insights in hand with the mobile application for students and parents. Compatible with both android and iOS mobile

Multi-school management
Multi-school management

Manage multiple schools' environment under one roof and get the individual website for every schools

Multi device capability
Multi device capability

Compatible with multiple devices and popular operating system to cover the 100% audience under school ERP

Cloud assisted system
Cloud assisted system

Cloud assisted platform to effectively management of data and activities. Also, smart school management system is much helpful to manage the software maintenance activities on time.

Scalable and secure system
Scalable and secure system

Our school ERP Platform compliant with 20+ global certifications and familiar data protection standards for hassle free user experience.

FAQs on School Management Software

SMS ERP Software is widely used as school management software to manage your school's daily administrative and organize all the academic operations through online. Importantly, School management system enable the digital transformation and handling of important processes such, admission management, student management, teacher management, fee management, transport management, examination managements and on.

A school information management system is a kind of software solution that enables paperless and organize all admin activities of the schools effectively. Very importantly, school ERP solution allows significantly smoother management of school processes and helps to manage students, teachers, examination, online classes, programs.

e-khool SMS is a popular software in K12 space and fulfill the customized needs of schools in school management and learning management. School Management System Software is a powerful web and mobile platform-based online school management.

10 BEST School Management System Software is listed here blow based on the features and solution offered.

  • e-khool
  • Campus 365
  • Digital School
  • Gradelink
  • Entab
  • Veracross
  • PowerSchool SIS
  • SchoolKnot
  • eConnect-K12

e-khool creates incredible space in the K12 industry by offering school ERP and LMS. The smart school management system incredibly comes up with the benefit to the schools. The following are the significant benefits of software school management.

  1. Reduction in workforce cost: School ERP Software benefits for students and schools. School ERP implementation effect headcounts for academic management in schools and educational institutes. It is interesting to know that a reduction in manpower makes outstanding income that can be used to discover better quality education for students. Also, school management system decreased the workforce effectively by 40%. The automation offered by an education Management System decreases the dependency on manual processing.
  2. Prompt decision making: School Management ERP generate advanced reports in bulk for administrative processes such as admission, examination fee payment, students and employees, outstanding payments and expense management. The analytic data insights which we provided allows to take the prompt decision. Quicker decision making depending upon the data insights improves the productivity of your schools and helps you to stand confidently among your competitive proponents.
  3. A real-time data record: In School ERP platform, access rights easily available as many users with the defined module access. With real-time data records, all users have the capability to get the service on time and that makes you an efficient school.
  4. Lesser paperwork: This school information management system digitizes the complete online administration process and make it to online. Currently, software solutions can be deployed in three ways; On-premises, Cloud and SaaS. The basic difference is in the deployment process. Digitization with school ERP System on cloud platform help in reducing approximately 15% cost saving in paperwork and improve the data security.
  5. Effective communication: School ERP platform provides individual portals to access notifications, reminders, information and updates for all the stakeholders of a school. Students can easily download/upload assignments, access time table, exam reminders, online form details, pay fees and bills, etc. from their portal. In school management system, the students can also add information regarding course execution, online examination, curriculum and time table.
  6. Increased teaching time: With the implementation of school information management system, teachers can save time from insignificant academic activities such as attendance marking, time-table maintenance, circular about important updates, assignments distribution to individual students, program records and so on. With education management system, teachers can have more concentration on their teaching methods, subject execution process and duration of teaching.
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