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e-khool, the best LMS software for industries offers an online teaching platform for the industry, and companies for the online training. Industries/ Companies make use of our LMS for Customer training, Employee enrichment, and Employee training. Trade societies in regulated industries such as engineering, financial services and medicine utilize LMS to meet compliance training.

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Best LMS for Industries to provide Best company employee training software to manage, track, train employees on various levels
e-khool provides advanced content management tools in the Best Compliance training software for your company

1. Compliance training software for your companies

The most important part of the online training strategy for a company has the updation of rules and regulations and company policies to employees, partners and stakeholders. Every employee needs to be updated with the latest protocols. This avoids costly fines and also ensures employee safety. For considering these, Industry LMS Solutions will help the employees with compliance online training courses with report tracking and performance analysis.

Well advanced virtual sessions offered by top Customer training platform for your industries

2. Customer training platform for your industries

The main objective for most companies to provide the necessary support for their customers through effective training. This will be achieved through LMS with well-developed modules for online sessions for the customers at their convenience.

Train your employees on the Branded employee training system for your organization with content sharing modules

3. Branded employee training system for your organization

For all organizations of small scale and large scale, they deploy employee training for their resources, which can be highly possible through LMS with self-paced training modules. Self-paced training sessions for training lead to better employee job satisfaction in Industry Learning Management Solutions.

e-khool LMS software with advanced content authoring tool for channel training to train channel partners

4. Channel training with e-khool LMS software

The LMS platform allows training for external channels. Resource sharing options for the sales team to their employees based on the requirements will be available in LMS Software through which the knowledge information is passed to the employees, from them to the customers.

Expand your business through Franchise/dealer training through best LMS software with best portal features

5. Franchise/ Dealer training through the best LMS Software

Companies will always look into online certification programs, which reflect skills and knowledge. Deploying online training for certification programs will be possible in the LMS platform and also, and it will be helpful for franchise training and dealer training.

AI-based Learning platform, best LMS in the segment helps to increase the revenue through sale training for your organization

6. Increase your revenue through Sale training with an AI-based Learning platform

AI-based learning platform supports sale-based training modules for training that are outsourced to other companies with separate dashboards. Companies looking for such modules are available in the e-khool platform with a separate option of individual admin dashboards for each company where they can conduct training for added companies. This results in sale training management, where partners and sales executives can have the access to the courses whenever, wherever their workplace.


  • Easy access to the training progress
  • Organizes e-Learning content in one location
  • Provides unlimited access to eLearning materials
  • Easily tracks learner progress and performance
  • Reduces Learning and Development costs and time

Promotion and reaching the target audience

  • Keeps organizations up-to-date with compliance regulations
  • Quickly and conveniently expands e-Learning courses
  • Tracking is much easier
  • Automatic assessment for training requirements
  • Centralized and structured training is possible

Industry LMS - Business partnership with companies

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Take forward employee training to a new height of success.


Integrated training methodology = Traditional training + Advanced online training


Integrated training by a company to have 1. Traditional training@company premises 2. Advanced online training @e-khool (Our learning platform)


e-khool is looking for business partnership with your company for employee training


e-khool - Advanced & customizable e-learning platform boosted with Artificial intelligence updates


Maximizing employee retention + skilled employees for the workforce

Publish online courses for industries or companies to offer in house training or external organization training

How to prepare online courses for industries or companies

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  • Step 1. Pick the Perfect Course Topic
  • Step 2. Make sure that idea of your course has a high influence on employees or partners
  • Step 3. Create Magnetic and Compelling Learning Outcomes
  • Step 4. Select and Gather your Course Content
  • Step 5. Structure Your Modules and Course Plan
  • Step 6. Determine the most attractive and effective methods for each lesson
  • Step 7. Filming, Recording, and Editing your Online Course
  • Step 8. Setting up your online training academy
  • Step 9. Launch and monitor the progress

Industry | Company LMS-based FAQs that answer your doubts

Employees can outreach their training at any time, anywhere through the Staff learning Management system, supporting both web and mobile platforms. Online training sessions can be carried out through well developed module with in the course along with assessments for them.

Overall sessions along with the performance of individual employee can be tracked through well developed report and analytics session which is separately for program, exam, and assignment in the admin portal through which performance can be tracked.

Supported content materials are pdfs, ppts, xls, docx/doc, SCORM, mp3, mp4. Training courses can be created in well structured way, where employees can get training in the platform easily. Knowledge transfer from the sales team to the employees can be easily achieved through well developed content management system in the LMS platform.

e-khool LMS platform provides pure branded option, as the company can have their own brand in the platform. Also, the Employee LMS software provides white labeled solution for the particular company.

There are lots of advantages in the Corporate LMS to be used in the corporate/ industry segments. This involves tracking the performance of the employees, training them which reduce the amount of paper work. Usage of LMS in corporate/ industry section will be more efficiency than the oline learning or training.

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We believe that together with our customers, we are creating a new generation of learning platforms fuelled by artificial intelligence and micro-services architecture.