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Strengthen Your Institute via e-khool LMS Triple Booster

e-khool software is able to improve learners’ experience by offering the patented technologies for advanced learning experience. AIRA assisted online learning and virtual exam hall through artificial intelligence technologies can have the capability of keeping our learners with our platform and ensuring the live training to reduce the drop out ratio of learners. It can help the institute to get pan India enrolment because of a robust learning platform.

Learning management system

To transform your E-Learning course into an interactive story by boosting emotional connectivity with visually fascinating multimedia contents and user friendly learning app.

Virtual classroom

To provide one-stop online solution for busy class schedules through live lecturing with multiple learners boosted by screen sharing and brand visibility options.

AI Augmented Exam Proctoring

To genuinely conduct the online examination through cutting edge and advanced AI methods by the auto credibility score computed based multi-featured auto evaluation tools.


    Publish courses under your own platform

    Our e-khool ONLINE LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM allows a unique insight to the learners with your own domain name in online learning. Here, clients can promote their own domain at their comfort zone to global reach of the business.

    Mobile learning platform allowed the online learners to feel the enriched learning experience with e-khool learning app

    Own branded mobile apps

    Learners can access your courses with your own branded mobile app at any time for quick learning and enhance the ability to learn new courses with self-driven and self-paced. Mobile-based learning promotes independent learning through interactivity and gamification.

    Mobile learning platform allowed the online learners to feel the enriched learning experience with e-khool learning app

    Build your own exam portal

    Exam portal portrays the stunning design and interactive response without sacrificing the speed of delivery. The fastest score display provides the detailed analysis of learner’s performance with immediate feedback and also, allows the learners to attend exams from their own mobile phones.

    Online exam app and exam tool are the inbuilt features of the LMS platform, especially for competitive coaching


  • We believe that together with our customers, we are creating a new generation of learning platform fuelled by artificial intelligence and micro-services architecture.

We are serving 200+ online academies

Maazter help the 12th students for online learning and it is-K12 Learning App of e-khool LMS software
Suresh paadasalai is best known for TNPSC coaching and it is now boosted with e-khool LMS software
IALM is the dedicated web learning portal for legal students and the Learning App of e-khool LMS software contains online courses
QEA Digital is the best in edutek industry and they are into the Student learning and K12 education
phoenix coaching centre is now boosted with e-khool LMS software and they are into agriculture oriented competitive exam courses.
The scholar provides the software training for the industry professionals using e-khool LMS software
Career Lender make use of e-khool LMS software for Online training
Gyron K12 Learning app, boosted by e-khool LMS software is best known app for class 12th students.

What our clients say

COURSE MANAGEMENT Categorized & organized

A course management system provides access to the course content in different formats such as a live webinar, videos, audio, images, documents, HTML and, manages student enrolment, and monitors student performance.


The student panel includes the complete courses he/she want to study, chat room, discussion forum, reports, exam panel along with the student’s profile details such as name, contact number, joined date and so on.

DISCUSSION FORUMS Easy and searchable

Discussion forums can be private or public, based on the objectives of forums and desired level of access into the forum. Private discussion forums control anyone without accessing the exact permissions from posting or viewing.


The design of question banks improved the process of test development, promoting greater functionality and flexibility to handle the accumulated questions by integrating detailed database software.

ONLINE EXAM TOOL Interactive design

Online examination is extremely customizable, trustworthy, secure, interactive, and can be accessed in multiple devices. At the usual interval, it is critical for the successful institute when assessing the student learning.


Intelligent report tools are used to create data visualizations, charts, and reports which are embedded in rich client and web-based applications. Reporting Tools and Intelligence includes chart designer, viewer and chart engine.

we run 200+ Online acdemies including schools


10+ Universities

200+ Training institutions

10+ Companies

e-khool serve 200+ Online acdemies including colleges


200+ Employees

10+ Countries

5+ Data scientists

e-khool extend its services to 200+ Online acdemies including universities


5+ Patents

12+ Awards

10+ Products

we are in the SaaS industry of 200+ Online acdemies including training institution


Companies make use of our LMS for Customer training, Employee enrichment and Employee training. Trade societies in regulated industries utilize LMS to meet compliance training.

Our clients run 200+ Online acdemies including coaching academy


The educational institutions including schools and colleges use LMS to augment their on-campus resources or expand their student population by targeting users outside of their territories.

Major clients from 200+ Online acdemies deliver their services to K12 centre

Training centres

LMS are necessary for some of the training institutes like industrial training institutes, competitive exam training, language training, software training to conduct unlimited exams and live classes.

200+ Online acdemies including companies make use of company e-khool LMS software


Multiple parallel project teams.
Component based framework approach.
Micro level service architecture.
200+ Online acdemies including industries are creating online courses


Comprehensive quality system.
Robust processes and tested methodologies.
Machine learning algorithms.
200+ Online acdemies including professors deliver the online classes using e-khool LMS


Communication and Coordination.
Quality enabled, On-time, On-budget project.
Rich communication tools