Foundation of Interactive book

Enhanced Flipbook maker to improve the collaboration and interactive of the learners

Our e-learning platform, e-khool is glad to present a revolutionary tool that allows learners to interact with the courses they are taking. The e-khool interactive book is a kind of flipbook kit that is a digital user experience that mimics the layout of print publications such as magazines, booklets, leaflets or standard digital PDF documents by displaying content from left to right. It usually has some sort of page-flipping visual effects, instead of the slider nature of a PDF document. To be more specific, e-khool interactive books resemble the flipbook but enhance the learning of the user through interactive via videos, documents, notes, and quizzes, embedded within the book.

Platform provides content authoring tools like interactive book with embedded videos, snippets, reference links etc.

What exactly is an Interactive book?

Flipbook is a Digital Modern Web Publication that has the aesthetic appeal of a genuine, page-turning media outlet with visual and sound effects. An Interactive book mimics the overall appearance of reading a printed book, magazine or brochure with the integration of interactive elements and media, which include video, audio, websites and more about the pages. Our Interactive book authoring tool is the Best Flipbook Software applications that convert printed PDF files to Create Flipbooks Online. The Flipbook technology uses web motion and actions to allow readers to "flip" or turn the pages of the book dynamically.

e-khool LMS allows to create flipbooks online in simple easy steps.

Importance of Interactive book

The prime objective of the e-khool Interactive book is to provide a more engaging and participatory digital experience for the learners that goes beyond simply having a digital document by utilizing web-wide functionalities. Interactive Digital Flipbook is more efficient at attracting learners with its effective visual methods that promote learning. The graphical motion and acoustic features of the e-khool Interactive book aid the learning process and make it fun and useful at the same time.

Blended learning with advanced digital content authoring interactive Digital Flipbook

Features of Interactive book

Take your PDF to the next level, to get all the benefits of an online flipbook PDF: interactivity, more engagement, easy sharing and performance tracking. And let's not forget about branding and collaboration, all wrapped up nicely in one flipbook software.

  • Simple and handy to Create Flipbooks Online
  • Preview the contents after creating interactive courses
  • To turn the pages, use the left or right buttons
  • Can switch mode to single-page and booklet viewing modes
  • Customize the flipbook's theme color
  • A single tap to publish the interactive contents
  • Easy to upload files from PC such as pdf files, images, videos, booklets, etc.,
  • PDF Flipbook Viewer in full-screen mode
  • Easy to create Folders and labels
  • Each chapter has its own set of editing and saving options
  • Remove unnecessary content with the Delete option
  • Easy to embed multimedia within the flipbook

How to create Interactive Book from e-khool LMS software?

An Interactive Flipbook Maker is a sort of engaging platform that resembles a real book and is available on the internet. e-khool LMS software allows to the creation of Interactive Book as a Flipbook which contains audio, motion pictures, puzzles plugin, collaborative queries, and polls and therefore is portable and shareable. PDF Flipbook Viewer can experience physical interaction by turning and flipping pages through an e-khool interactive book.

An Interactive Flipbook Maker is another form of interactivity that allows readers and objects to communicate. With touch displays, hyperlinks and digital textbook annotation tools, today's Interactive Digital Book appears to add new levels of involvement to the reading experience. Interactive books are featured and the readers may engage directly with the learning materials. The reader can interact with this form of material through a variety of interfaces, including videos, audio, links, and other multimedia tools. Reading and learning are elevated to a new degree of interactivity between the learners and the book material with Interactive Books.

Significance of Flipbook as an Interactive Book

e-khool flipbook kit has a lot of significant features as an Online Interactive ebook. Some of the most important features of the e-khool interactive flipbook are listed below.

Leads to better engagement:

As previously stated, the e-khool interactive book fosters a high level of engagement between the user and the study material. Turning and flipping pages with special effects (video, audio) through the e-khool interactive book attracts the readers and enhance the beer interactivity.

Easy to access:

Online Interactive ebooks can be easily accessible through smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, personal computers and e-readers. The e-khool interactive book increases the reader's usability by adding a layer of interactivity and responsive design control and capabilities, whether or not the reader has access to the internet.


Interactive Digital books are easy to update, unlike traditional books. The framework of the e-khool interactive book allows users to update any e-contents such as digital textbooks, videos, images and audio files in a matter of seconds.

Lead Maintenance

Most regular eBooks are restricted to reading only, whereas interactive books are designed to be more appealing and engaging with learning. Because of all of the features offered, e-khool interactive books maintain user satisfaction which leads to long-term customer retention.

Media files supported to embed in e-khool Interactive book viewer:

e-khool flipbooks allow you to embed interactive elements such as videos, images, URL/ YouTube links, and quizzes. you can also resize and position your media right where you want them. This way can set your flipbook certainly apart from an ordinary one.


Videos can be directly picked up from online devices and online video libraries to embed within flipbooks. Embed the copied video in a pop-up tab that appears when learners drag it to a specific topic. The provided video will automatically play in the flipbook when the learner starts learning in the specific topic.

Platform is capable of providing well developed Online Interactive ebook for better learner experience

Authors can choose the best image URL to embed in your specific flipbook theme. Certain image URLs are preserved in the aspect ratio field, so the tool does not distort images embedded in flipbooks. Finally, authors can drag the embedded image to the specific area where they want image to appear on the Learner Dashboard. The most supported formats are PNG, GIF, JPEG, and JPG.

URL/ YouTube Link

To add a URL and YouTube link to the flipbook, authors can copy the specific link/ URL which they want to add. Then, they can select the topic before placing the copied URL. When the URL is placed in a specific area, the video will play directly in the flipbook when the learner drags it to the specific area.


Interactive Flip Book has different types of Quizzes and learners can understand the topic by taking this kind of quiz on flip books. Different quiz questions can be in knowledge level, personal level and diagnostic level quizzes. This kind of exam makes excellent at the topic and passionate about it.

Digital flipbook-related FAQs

You can add interactive elements consisting of links, exams, mp4 videos, notes and videos (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo) to your flipbooks.

No, the e-khool flipbook is a completely web-based platform and it cannot be downloaded to ensure the product security.

e-khool flipbook can be created in the program module of the admin portal. Then authors can simply go to the program module, select the subject, click the material icon on the right top of the page, click flipbook, upload all required details and then click the done button. Thus, e-khool flipbook can be created.

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