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e-khool, an e-learning platform is the one-stop solution for virtual learning and an online academy can be built at a lower cost and lesser time with advanced features of top learning management system software. The e-khool learning management system provides the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs and development programs. The learning management system is used to administer, document, track, report, and deliver educational courses or training programs.

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Best known Academy LMS with best admin features in Academy learning management system making e-khool the best LMS for academies | e-khool
Wide Spread your courses through Academic learning with e-khool LMS software for a better global reach

1. Academic learning with e-khool LMS software

The academic learning management system plays an important role in student learning and achievement. Learning experiences of academics refer to interactive course programs to engage students in active learning. Academic learning using e-khool LMS allows personalized learning and social learning experiences for learners to develop their skills to expand their knowledge. Along with various academy LMS features, teaching-based features consist of getting the learners involved in the active construction of knowledge and building the competencies in their life careers.

Academies can have Social learning for the online academy through e-khool LMS for better learning for students

2. Social learning for the online academy

The online academy LMS Software encourages the learning activities of students via social learning experiences. It is one of the processes of e-learning concepts through the detailed observation of other people's attitudes, seeing interactive videos and stories related to their chapters using e-khool academic LMS. It helps to increase learners' attention in studies, enhances their performance in new technologies and encourages them to push active learning.

Blended learning platform offers Orientation training through coaching LMS software for facilities  and management staffs

3. Orientation training through coaching LMS software

Using the e-khool academy LMS platform, the orientation training process of introducing the new trainers to their roles and responsibilities is very easy for better to understand. Also, it encourages the trainer to be more confident and comfortable in their job. The concept of online learning reduces costs and enhances productivity throughout the institution.

Branded platform have well developed modules for Self-paced education with AI-based LMS software

4. Self-paced education with AI-based LMS software

The learning management system using an e-learning academy for continuing self-paced education helps the students to acquire new skills, prepare themselves for achieving more, earn promotion, in their current job, and prepare them for getting a new job for better income. Through the online discussion using e-khool academy LMS, the learner and the instructor's conversation concerning the clarifications assist the students to react to the question and develop the practice of thinking.

live tuition feature and Instructor-led training is available for e-khool lms software

5. Instructor-led training for an interactive experience

Through an academy learning management system, interactive training speeds up the acquisition of knowledge and improves self-motivation. The instructors in the institution can track and monitor the learner's progress through live class sessions, through e-khool Academy LMS. By using this AI-based performance tracking system, the relationship between the trainers gets stronger when taking any kind of decision based on academic training.

webinar feature and Hybrid learning is available for e-khool mobile learning platform

6. Hybrid learning for the learners with the best LMS

Academic software using e-khool LMS provides hybrid learning to acquire knowledge, soft skills and technical skills for learners. It improves the key skills of collaboration, communication and critical thinking to succeed in their achievements. A specific learning process for accessing, implementing and planning using a web-based software application is the academic learning management system. By using an e-khool academy LMS, learners can access the components such as tests, lectures, courses, training programs, presentations and study materials for quality learning.

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live class feature is included in e-khool online training platform

The contents of several courses in the e-khool learning management system are improved by importing valuable materials from the web. All results with extensive reports provide for various kinds of quizzes, tests, and questions. The learning content in the online teaching platform delivered focused on the learners who are engaged in conflict and what theme they need more in-depth instruction.

live class feature is included in e-khool online training platform

In training, courses are assigned in exact order based on the user's attributes and needs. The learner's commitment is improved by combining instructor-led training and content of online learning with teleconference that makes the e-khool learner friendly.

Screen share protection is enabled in top LMS software

The activities of the archived system in the e-khool LMS are reviewed and accessed using audit logs and the custom reports are produced within the portal on any object, user or action. Courses and curriculums in the learning management system are assigned to develop their track closely and depend on the trainee's exact skills.

Top third party apps is already included within e-khool LMS

Similar kinds of engagement are offered with the solutions of custom online learning by offering real-life scenarios, which are appropriate to the learner's jobs. A connection with the content drives learners to be encouraged to learn and improves retention. The user-friendly interface can deliver the readable and intractable learning contents accurately what the learners must know, nothing more or less by the e-khool LMS.

Academy LMS-based FAQs that answer your queries

The learning management system helps academies to improve their professional and academic learning development. An LMS provides centralized digital content for learners to access all required course materials at their own pace. Also, the instructors can track the learning progress of each learner through online academy software.

Online academic training LMS is more important for training institutions like academies, tuition centers, tutorials etc. Some of the main functions of the best LMS are powerful reporting and analytics systems, personalization and customization, social learning integrations and proper course deliverance. The main purpose of online academy LMS empowers the learning and development process of education.

The reporting system of learning academy LMS helps to evaluate the output of student performances based on their assessments and other involvement in learning activities. Our e-khool academic LMS provides an AI-based performance tracking system for trustable outcomes of individual learners.

Academic LMS platform customization is possible in e-khool, because it is developed under micro-service architecture. So, based on the requirement of academic purpose, the LMS can be able to customize as per their own needs.

The e-khool academic learning management system can upload course contents in multiple formats. It allows to create and upload a variety of learning components such as PDF, PPT, Doc, Word, Excel, video, audio and SCORM files. Also, it has the ability to conduct live sessions like online courses, exams and assignments.

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