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e-khool is the best learning management system for schools, universities and colleges and it is the best hybrid alternative to the classroom-based learning. To deliver an online course to on-site students of universities, colleges and schools, university LMS with self-paced and instructor-led training is the best alternative. These educational institutions use LMS to augment their on-campus resources or expand their student population by targeting users outside of their traditional territories. Students can learn flexibly with online degree courses.

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Branded online LMS for universities/schools with Top education app providing customizable LMS for Colleges | e-khool
Top most higher education LMS software with custom Academic feedback-based teaching providing interactive learning contents for learners

1. Academic feedback-based teaching with higher education LMS software

The e-khool learning management system is widely used for academic feedback-based teaching in universities, colleges, schools, academics and training institutions. Academic feedback based teaching is a type of student training program based on the active feedback of the students. Educational resources are followed by self-study guides in a virtual environment of student learning. The e-khool university LMS using academic training can also help to easily access the information online learner's needs to expand their skills and knowledge in a particular field.

On demand higher education LMS software providing Lecture cooperative teaching for college students enhancing interactivity

2. Lecture cooperative teaching with higher education LMS software

Lecture cooperative teaching is one of the educational approaches that use the traditional lecture kind of delivery to interact with the learners and teachers to discuss the training methods to improve learning performances. In adaptive learning, students can select the most suitable learning path based on their requirements through education LMS. Courses can also have specific completion requirements and support more flexibility for trainers, learners and sta managers for advanced course completion.

Top higher education LMS software offers Knowledge based teaching for graded students in advanced content sharing module

3. Knowledge-based teaching with higher education LMS software

Creating an effective knowledge base as a self-service library of organizations using LMS as a learning solution for students. A learning management system for universities can be used to develop knowledge-based activities for students to gain multi-talented career opportunities. Through a knowledge base of university LMS, trainers help to improve the internal and external key learning activities of individual students.

Best known higher education LMS software have proficiency for Class discussion kind of hybrid learning for the management

4. Class discussion kind of hybrid learning with higher education LMS software

The educational learning management system allows students and teachers to communicate well through an online platform, making them more interactive. The students can able to pick up new ideas through self-learning. The university LMS using interactive learning ensures the student's presence of mind during the virtual classroom and also helps to clear all types of doubts through discussions in the live session.

Top branded higher education LMS software offers Seminar and project-based teaching for universities and colleges to enhance better learning

5. Seminar and project-based teaching with higher education LMS software

Continuous education programs with seminar and projects offered by universities or colleges using a system are more effective and efficient for learners after the completion of graduation. With advanced technologies, university campus LMS is a technical means of education. The educational LMS offers e-learning experiences to students in different way of techniques. It will boost student engagement in learning to access the course materials anywhere through mobile learning at their convenience.

e-khool, the higher education LMS software offers the teaching staffs with Experimental teaching for students

6. Experiential teaching with higher education LMS software

An LMS for universities and colleges can be used to improve and track the performance of student progress through an experimental way of teaching with an advanced reporting system. It provides anytime access to course materials and assignments with attachment files at their own pace. Performance enhancement mostly increases the employability of students and helps to achieve future goals. It provides an immersive learning experience for all students through an educational learning management system.


  • A personalized approach to each student
  • Increased engagement and student's collaboration
  • Unlimited tracking data and customization opportunities
  • Parents' involvement
  • Flexibility

Promotion and reaching the target audience

  • Post a slideshow on Slide Share
  • Promote your course on university blog
  • Contribute to other blogs and publications
  • YouTube marketing
  • Mail and SMS marketing

Education LMS - Business partnership with Schools/Colleges

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Integrated learning methodology = Traditional learning + Advanced online learning


1. Integrated learning by a school to have
2. Traditional learning @ school premises
3. Advanced online learning @ e-khool (Our learning platform)


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e-khool - Advanced & customizable e-learning platform boosted with Artificial intelligence updates


Maximizing student success ratio + skilled student for employability

Best online LMS platform with well-developed modules for online courses for Universities, Colleges, Schools

How to prepare online courses For Universities, Colleges, and Schools

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  • Step 1. Self-motivated Learning Style
  • Step 2. Program, Enrollment and Scheduling Information
  • Step 3. Technological Requirements

How to transform higher education into the blended learning environment

Educational Learning Management System is a software application for the administration that improves the workflow of instructors, increases student engagement, and provides centralized information and a comprehensive learning environment. By using the university LMS software, the administration can save time and money by providing a user-friendly interface for students.

The integrated learning management system with a cloud-based software package is mainly useful for administrative purposes. It contains special features like a reporting and analysis system that helps to track student's progress. Also, it encourages the teachers to guide and motivate the student's achievements more efficiently.

The university learning management system is a software application that helps to deliver course materials for students. It helps to keep track of student attendance, records and learning performance of courses based on assessments with the help of AI-based approach. The distance learning system is mainly used for distance education, which allows more flexible for students to get an effective education at their own convenience.

The main objective of university LMS is to achieve the entire needs of administration and learner's requirements in effective learning. The administrator has the ability to create, deliver and track the student's progress and the learners have the ability to interact with each other, it must be engaging. The LMS for universities are essential to enhancing the quality of education in the teaching and learning process through e-learning.

Yes, it is possible to create different types of assignments for students through e-khool University LMS. Instructors can create assignment formats like multiple choice questions, subjective type, fill in the blanks, yes/ no, true/ false etc. Also, there is the option to view the assignments after completing the tasks.

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