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LMS is required for professors in various fields like engineering, arts and science, medicine, keynote speakers, and so on. In recent days. the learning management system software has become a top-notching tool for all teachers and higher educational professionals to educate their skills to students or learners and thus, it acted as a driving force in online learning.

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Adaptive platform e-khool, one of the best LMS for teachers and professors
Branded learning platform with dedicated virtual sessions for Video-based teaching with the branded learning platform

1. Video-based teaching with the branded learning platform

The e-khool faculty LMS supports video-based teaching for the instructors and thereby, it develops the educational growth of students to contribute to the improvement of society. It is mainly needed to deliver what they have learned through their experience to the right students. Video-based teaching can be tried by entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, nurses, civil servants, engineers, and scientists to encourage their skills in their specific fields. The specialized activity learning program offered by e-khool LMS in video-based training is needed for getting their passion job for students to achieve high.

e-khool helps institutions for Demonstration based training through advanced customized learning platform

2. Demonstration-based training with the customized learning platform

The e-khool learning management system helps to create and upload demonstration-based online courses easily in the faculty LMS. The LMS software is a complete teaching and learning solution where the professors can upload the course contents and the students can easily access it through their own devices like mobile devices, laptops, tabs, etc. Also, the faculty LMS platform supports activities like creating and conducting assessments, live classes, assignments, chats, feedback, quiz gamifications, workshops, etc.

e-khool - taylor made learning platform helps the education institutes for teachers through ebook based teaching

3. ebook based teaching with the tailor-made learning platform

The ebook-based training conducted through e-khool faculty LMS improves the support and satisfaction among students to increase the interpersonal skill communication level. The LMS for professor training supports student success at universities of higher education to enhance knowledge growth and development. The best e-khool faculty LMS features can provide effective e-learning and e-book-based training programs for students.

e-khool, the interactive learning platform provides advanced content authoring tools for game based teaching

4. Game-based teaching with the interactive learning platform

Learning retention is the process of the ability to store new information in the student's long-term memory. The key benefits of using e-khool faculty training LMS increase the student's learning activities to strengthen knowledge and skills through gamification. Student learning retention encourages them to have active and independent learning experiences. The integration of interactive gaming procedures given by the e-khool LMS platform increases the learner's engagement.

The social learning platform offering discussion based e learning  for the learners for better interactivity

5. Discussion-based e-learning with the social learning platform

Effective forum management of e-khool faculty LMS Software helps to keep and maintain the whole learning conversations in our platform securely. The proper management of discussion records in faculty LMS can help to track the learning contents and helps to participate in other learning activities etc. It also helps to keep the important files and project documents shared on the discussion platform by students. Based on e-learning with the social learning platform.

Personalized learning platform for educational institutes with on demand Micro learning-based coaching

6. Micro learning-based coaching with the personalized learning platform

LMS Software for faculty training can help to automate the educational training programs for faculties and students through micro-learning module. The faculty LMS is a comprehensive training platform to create and upload courses and keep track of both the performance of faculty teaching and the student learning progresses. The e-khool faculty LMS system can also improve the work performance of professors in the teaching and research fields.


  • Own academy business brand
  • Customized learning platform
  • Centralized learning
  • Immediate capabilities evaluation
  • LMS - Simplifying Learning Processes

Promotion and reaching the target audience

  • Emails or online education portal
  • Video conferencing
  • Social media
  • In-person events when possible
  • SMS marketing
  • YouTube marketing

FAQs that are asked by the teachers regarding teaching LMS

The faculty LMS software application is used by the administration to access the course resources and information like the syllabus, guidebook, notice boards, and materials for the students. By using this faculty LMS platform, the teachers can conduct exams, live classes, assign homework, and so on. It also helps to track students' progress based on assessments and learning activities.

The e-khool learning management system enables professors to create, upload, execute and deliver the course materials to the students at their own pace. It plays an important role for professors to track student performance, records and course completion status. The faculty LMS also supports the student's educational activities in classroom learning and distance education.

The LMS software for professors can helps the administrations to maintain the integrity of educational programs by enabling other learning resources for effective and efficient learning. It helps to manage and access the different course contents based on their own requirements. The e-khool faculty LMS provides gamification for understanding the concept of courses with in-depth knowledge, which makes it more effective for students in their learning processes.

Using faculty LMS for distance education allows students to learn and access the course materials anytime and anywhere. The LMS system supports virtual classes for students like actual traditional classroom training. The e-khool faculty LMS offers an AI-based performance tracking system to monitor the student learning progress and the participation of other learning activities.

The e-khool faculty learning management system provides a set of features used by professors are course management, student enrollment, analyzing and reporting, assessments, certifications etc. It aims to create personalized and social learning experiences to give a better outcome for students. The faculty LMS platform makes the student's learning more interactive and fun through the feature of gamification.

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