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The strongest parts of the companies are all about the IPR and patents rights holding by the company. We, Resbee info technologies have the strong R and D team and thereby, holding the below list of patent rights which refers to the set of intangible assets including invention, creation, and contribution to the contemporaneous field.

LMS Patents

No Publication Title Inventors
1 “Emotion based LMS for Certified expert identification and device access control” Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
2 "ABC algorithm integrated with FIR filter design for virtual classroom based LMS Atul Kumar Dwivedi, Savita Srivastava, Deepak Nagaria,Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
3 Kavitha S Patil,Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
4 “Virtual Classroom (Emotion based attendance generator)" Dr Anupam Das, Dr. P. Shantha Kumar, Dr. S Balasubramaniam, Pravin Narayan Kathavate , Rajakumar B. R, Binu Dennis
5 "Smart desk for malpractice prevention” Chudaman Devidasrao Sukte, Dr. Emmanuel M., Dr Ratnadeep R Deshmukh, Rajakumar B. R.,Binu Dennis
6 "e-Exam pad for visually impaired students", Gaurav Agarwal, Dr. Sachi Gupta, Ms. Harshita Bhardwaj, Ms. Neera Chaudhary, Ms Ayasha Malik, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B. R.
7 "Electronic documentation of live lectures for smart classrooms” Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R

Security patents

No Publication Title Inventors
1 “On-Device malware app protector” Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
2 "Light Estimator based forgery control unit for image forgery detection" R.Cristin, C. Priya, S Vairamuthu, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
3 "One Time Voice Password to service delivery architecture for cloud assisted fog and IoT devices” Suman Madan, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
4 “ATM card and fingerprint based authentication system for online banking using smartphone" Chandra Sekhar Kolli, V V Krishna Reddy, K.Chokkanathan, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B. R
5 "Pitch and Formant estimation-based forgery control unit for speech forgery detection” Kasiprasad Mannepalli, Maloji Suman, Swetha Danthala, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B. R.
6 "A Novel Overlap CAPTCHA for online security system" Rajakumar B. R., Binu Dennis
7 "An intelligent biometric system (IBS) embedded in wifi modem to secure access control ” Puri Vishal Vaijinath, A. Ramesh Babu, Neelam Puri, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R

Artificial Intelligence patents

No Publication Title Inventors
1 “Face and Emotion based locker security system” Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
2 "Artificial intelligence based heart disease prediction with novel heart functionality pattern" Renji P Cherian,Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
3 "An Intelligent Stenographer designed for judiciary system” Pradeep Sadashiv Khot, Udaykumar Laxman Naik, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
4 “AI-Based Smart Helmet With Pressure Sensor For Injury Detection" Vinay Chopra, Dr. Sudhir Sharma, Rajakumar B. R, Binu Dennis
5 "Smart Mosquito Racket with an Image Sensor for Ensuring Child Protection” Kavitha Chaduvula, Babu Rao Markapudi, Ch. Rathna Jyothi, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B. R.
6 "An intelligent concrete mixture system with prediction of mixture strength using deep learning" Oswalt Manoj S, Sindhu Vaardini U, Dr. R. Manju, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B. R.
7 "Artificial Umpiring System Embedded in Cricket Stump” Dr. Shermin S, Ajesh F, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B. R.

Smart devices patents

No Publication Title Inventors
1 “Power Monitoring and Control System (PMCS) inbuilt with the smartphone architecture for power optimizaton” Dr.Tino Merlin R, Dr.R.Aruna, Dr.K.Rajakumari, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
2 "Speech recognition system to support two-way communication between the speech-impaired person and normal person" Arul VH,Anu K Theju, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
3 "Intelligent Vision Camera System (IVCS) Integrated Smartphone Architecture” Ajesh F, Jeyakrishnan.V, Kalimuthu.M, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
4 “Voice recognition system embedded in bluetooth headset for automatic conversation report generation" Anand Prakash Shukla,Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
5 "Speech recognition based automatic digital documentation inbuilt with wireless mike” Felix M Philip, Bosco Paul Alapatt, Anupama Jims, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
6 "Lip movement based visual speech recognition device for automatic documentation in built with digital camera" Oswalt Manoj S, Prince Sahaya Brighty S, Arun N, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
7 "Virtual debate chamber with speech enhancement” Anil Garg, O. P. Sahu, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
8 "Fetal heart monitoring system based on doppler ultrasound device embedded smartwatch architecture” S Velliangiri, P Karthikeyan, D Palanivel Rajan, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R

iOT patents

No Publication Title Inventors
1 “System for IoT device authentication” Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
2 "Smart follower embedded in combat boots for soldiers under IoT network" Prasath R, G. Tony Santhosh, I Andrews Juben Ratchanyaraj, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
3 "IoT Based Smart House for Activity Recognition of Old Age People” Dr. Charanjeet Madan, Charanjeet Singh, Naveen Kumar, Rajakumar B.R, Binu Dennis
4 “IoT device-based visual vehicle tracking system" Dr. Ekta Upadhyay, Roshni Suresh Padate,Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
5 "IoT-Biometrics Device Enabled Digital Signature Protection in Software Defined Network Architecture” Dr. Sukhvinder Singh, Rajakumar B.R, Binu Dennis
6 "Railway track monitoring system based on visual processing and IoT network" Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
7 "Smart Anklet Based Twin Children Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks” Dr.T.Joby Titus, P.M.Benson Mansingh, V.S.Sanjana Devi, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R

Other patents

No Publication Title Inventors
1 “Smart Watering Pot” Anusha Preetham, Shrinivasrao B Kulkarni, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
2 "Automated Smart Sprinkler System for Grove Plantation" Yogesh Manohar Gajmal, Arvind M. Jagtap, Sagar Prakash Jaikar, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
3 "Smart Bangle For Detecting the Reason of Infant's Weeping” Vijay Pal Singh, Dr. Charanjeet Madan, Dr. Naresh Kumar, Dr. Manoj Sharma, Rajakumar B.R, Binu Dennis
4 “Smart Dining Table: Speech Emotion Based Feedback System" Gaurav Agarwal, Dr. Hari Om, Dr. Sachi Gupta, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
5 "Land Scanner System Embedded in Drone for Land Surveying” Dr. Manish Shrivastava, Ankit Deb, Anurag Tripathi, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
6 "An intelligent torch light" Mujeeb Shaik Mohammed,Dr. R Praveen Sam,Dr. K. Madhavi, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
7 "INTELLIGENT CHIMNEY: The Chimney embedded with intelligent camera and system with Deep Learning” Dr. D.T.V. Dharmajee Rao, Dr. Ch. Dhanunjaya Rao, Dr. T. Ravi KumarBinu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
8 "Smart TV with air purifier” Dr Anupam Das,Dr. Jagannath E. Nalavade,Dr. S Balasubramaniam,Prof. Dr. Kirti Mahajan, Rajakumar B.R, Binu Dennis
9 "Smart tiling for health monitoring system” Anilkumar Vishwanath Brahmane, Dr. B. Chaitanya Krishna, Yash Anthony Dive, Rajakumar B.R, Binu Dennis
10 "Cognitive radio-based smart blood pressure monitor embedded with the camera and intelligent unit” Bommidi, Gambala Kiranmaye, Kodela Raj Kumar, Binu Dennis, Rajakumar B.R
11 "System to implement intelligent coagulant control in wastewater treatment” Dr. Jagannath E. Nalavade,Mrs. Sushma Jagannath Nalavade, Rajakumar B.R, Binu Dennis
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