What's a cookie?

Cookies are non-executable computer programs that cannot carry viruses, and install malware. As described above, under CASL, a person is considered to consent to the installation of a cookie if the person's conduct is such that it is reasonable to believe that they consent.

When you visit a website, not only are you offered information or services, but your computer may also be offered a “cookie.” A cookie is a small file that is passed from a website to an end user's (your) computer. The cookie is used to save information about the interaction between you, and the site, such as credentials, preferences, and any work in progress. The cookie file is automatically stored by your web browser on the local hard drive, and it can later be retrieved by the website.

Cookies were invented in 1994 so that information could be saved between visits to a website. This lets you avoid logging in for every visit, and cookies are also used to keep track of preferences, and works in progress (such as items in an online shopping cart). Today, just about all of the top websites use cookies for one purpose or another. Cookies are a very useful feature of the web, and, without them, web sessions would have no history; you would have to enter your information over, and over.

Use of Cookies

Upon your visit to our website, e-khool might transmit a cookie to your browser, which may then be accumulated on your hard drive so that we can identify you when you revisit. You may locate your browser to report you when you obtain a cookie. Enrolling with any e-khool business unit online indicates your unconditional consent to get such cookies.

Cookies let to gather information about user routing on the Sites, for example to remind language preferences or the currency employed for purchase, and suggest them to the next visit to assist the usage of the Sites. Cookies may be accumulated permanently on your device, and have a variable duration or may fade away when the browser is closed or have an inadequate lifespan. Cookies can be mounted by the Sites you are visiting or may be mounted by others.

e-khool team utilizes cookies in numerous ways:

  • Authenticating, and spotting you on our websites so we can offer you the services that you request.
  • Holding track of information that you presented us — for instance, keeping items in your shopping cart.
  • Identification of your predilection or where you left off in your use.
  • Computing your use of e-khool websites so that we can advance them, tailor our websites to your likely interests, and perform market research.
  • Acknowledging your liable interests so we can offer you more pertinent e-khool ads, and content on another website.
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