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e-khool, the best Teaching LMS is an advanced online teaching platform for teachers that provides the latest features to start a teaching app easily. This teaching-learning management system is suitable to convey your teaching skills to the students through online and manage online classes, and courses easily.



Teaching LMS

For worthwhile online teaching, we e-khool LMS, the best LMS for teachers help teachers to deliver outstanding online classes for the students and make them achieve their desire. With the help of our e-khool LMS software, a personalized teaching app with your own unique content can be prepared and delivered. e-khool LMS enhances all face of teaching circumstance and supports a teaching app to deliver training content with 100% confidentiality. The teaching app in our e-khool software helps the teacher to schedule webinars and the analytic feature in e-khool LMS helps the teachers to uncover the need of students and improve the course related to it. The e-khool Learning management system provides the tools needed for the teachers to develop teaching apps like tool for sending messages, sharing class materials and making learning accessible anywhere. e-khool software helps to save time by gathering all the classroom apparatus together. LMS for teachers provided by e-khool LMS helps them to scrutinize and manage your classroom and make the students engage in your teaching app safely.

Our e-khool LMS affords a teaching app to generate and deliver an integrated and interactive teaching experience to learners and makes their learning program easy. To achieve greater effectiveness we, the best LMS for teachers help the course with high quality and standard. Our e-khool LMS brings forth a unified teaching app by which teachers can make their teaching program for online classes easily. Our e-khool LMS software provides the best LMS for training that helps the teachers to demonstrate their ideas and thoughts with multimedia content. We ensure that our e-khool, the best LMS software provides teachers' app with high quality and standard.

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Challenges in online teaching

The Teaching LMS supports higher-order mentoring and offers consistent content delivery. Our e-khool software offers user-friendly access and provides a platform for teaching and learning without time and distance restrictions. Some of the challenges faced in online teaching are listed below:

  • Finding out challenging LMS
  • Content delivery
  • User engagement
  • Attendance
  • Data security
  • Continuous improvement
  • Unoptimized software
  • Maintaining digital courseware

How is e-khool helpful to make teaching app

e-khool LMS, the best LMS for teachers helps them to deliver the online course with concepts & more examples and analogies for a better understanding of concepts. We also allow teaching apps to use animated videos to demonstrate the concepts visually. To reinforce teaching, our e-khool LMS software helps the teaching app to provide immediate feedback for the assessments conducted based on training. To make the learners more interactive e-khool, the leading and efficient teaching LMS facilitates practical skills to learners through videos, simulations, scenarios and assessments.

Professional Training and Coaching

Teachers use online teaching apps for delivering their skills to the students. We, e-khool deliver the best LMS for training which helps the teachers to earn more income by teaching their skills to the students. Each teacher can easily get more students through the marketing feature in-built LMS.

Stock market traders
IIT JEE Coaching

The e-khool learning management system allows the stock market experts to create their own courses and launch their own academy to train the student's online mode. This trading academy guarantee the owners earn more income if you can teach trading skills to the students.

Business coaches
UPSC coaching

e-khool LMS software helps the coachers to do their caching business to the entrepreneurs by delivering the online courses which can easily possible with e-khool LMS software. In e-khool LMS, business coaches can get both web and mobile platforms to deliver the coaching skills.

NEET coaching

Celebrities teach newbies their knowledge and help them become more proficient in their respective fields. Our e-khool learning management system provides LMS for Celebrities to train newbies how to give the character a real experience, voice modulation of dialogue, camera movements and more.

SSC coaching

Practical knowledge is very much required for engineers to invent, design, build, and analyze the outcome. e-khool helps engineers to develop their own training apps so that they can teach their skills to develop online practical classes and provide the materials related to the engineers.

Software coaching

Professors can develop their own edu-tech business through the use of e-khool LMS where, the learning materials can be stored in one location. LMS for training is helpful in better communication between the students and the professors. We, e-khool LMS support them without any inducement.

IBPS coaching

Physicians (Doctors, yoga teachers, physiotherapists) need litheness in their training schedule,as the harsh nature of their work makes it difficult to appear regularly in scheduled training sessions. With e-khool software, physicians can start their own online academy to publish their courses.

IELTS/TOEFL coaching

Chefs use training systems to provide training to the freshers for restaurant chains. Chefs can develop their own teaching app which delivers many online cooking courses which would be used as training for both freshers and people who wanted to upgrade themselves in the field of cooking.

Teaching LMS Features

Admin of e-khool LMS guides the professional of teaching app in managing courses, scheduling, uploading content, and setting up an exclusive path for teaching. Every teacher can enjoy 100+ admin features to easily manage all of your courses and exams.

Admin LMS Features
Admin LMS Features

Admin portal of e-khool LMS software guides the academies in managing courses, uploading content and setting up an exclusive path for learning. Admin portal offers one drive portal to handle all the questions and also, the questions are placed under category labels to fetch it easily for the exams.

Admin LMS Features
Marketing LMS features

Our marketing features are branding, offering coupon codes to get the course discount, integrating youtube channels easily with your mobile app and web portal, promoting your business-related videos, and news articles will be notified under the hub section.

Admin LMS Features
Analytics LMS features

In a teaching app, the important part of admin is to generate learners' performance reports and analyze them to take further required action. Our e-khool supports the teaching app to generate and conduct exams, programs, assignment, feedback, activity and cumulative program analytics.

Admin LMS Features
Learning LMS Features

e-khool has a high-quality LMS for teaching that is spontaneously useful for the teachers engaged in it. Mobile and system learning support, blended learning, assessment, verification, tracking and recording, and customization are basic learning features of LMS.

Admin LMS Features
Security LMS features

Our e-khool LMS software has protected the clients learning content through advanced encryption standards and the learning contents are 100% confidential. Some of the security features of our e-khool software are video encryption & security, video capture protection, and document privacy.

Admin LMS Features
Important LMS features

Some other important features that should be focused on by the online class creator of the teaching app are white-labeling, offline downloads and uploads of videos, offline download and upload of documents, fully customizable website builder, auto-upgrade & maintenance, and social login.

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Teaching LMS delivers a structure for handling and maintaining all aspects of the training process like mentoring, deploying, and clarifying training content. Also provides continuous observation of students' participation and performance. e-khool learning management system provides a teaching app to examine advancement, track student time on responsibilities, alert trainers to incipient risks and issues and provide the real-time performance of students.

LMS delivers the learning content made by the training experts to active learners effectively. It is a daunting task to build a training platform that includes the tasks such as managing multiple systems, content library, documents, schedules, assessments, etc. We e-khool build an LMS for tracking and managing such things in LMS and also to integrate other training applications with it.

Coaching LMS delivers the learning content to active learners. It is a daunting task to run an online academy which includes the tasks such as managing multiple systems, content library, documents, schedules, assessments, etc. For tracking and managing those things,Online coaching LMS is preferred. We,e-khool the best LMS Software is the best solution and directly integrate your coaching methodologies with online.

How to conduct online classes with LMS?

Online classes are becoming an accessible way for learners and educators to share and acquire new skills with the help of a learning management system. To start your online classes, some of the guidance are listed below:


Choose the right and the best platform


Customize the teaching app


Create a pre-eminent website with integrated course pages


Selection of teaching methods


Upload the course in video format or document format

What are the best LMS for online classes?


e-khool is the best learning management system designed to create and develop teaching app with better quality and standards. The AI-Powered platform used by our e-khool software helps you to download and upload the course material with 100% confidentiality.


Jamboard is a whiteboard system with an interactive feature where users can work in it and it will get saved to the cloud automatically.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a useful platform for teachers to create a positive classroom culture and it mainly focuses on SEL and engages parents in student's development.


An assessment tool that is very convenient to engage students. Teachers can easily access reports and track the individual performance of students


Edmo is a cloud-based technology that helps teachers to manage the classroom and easily generate assessment reports.

Which Teaching LMS is best for online classes?


Class Dojo


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