e-khool admin features ensure the course creation and its corresponding settings dynamically from the backend. The detailed LMS features are listed out below

Explore LMS admin features


LMS Admin dashboard

LMS admin dashboard of e-khool strengthen the administrative features and thereby, ensure the hassle-free platform execution

  • LMS dashboard with greetings and featured calendar
  • Home, institute, trainer, learner, group, programs, analytics, revisions, bundles, testimonials and game zone in the menu bar
  • Visualization count of programs enrolled
  • Visualization count of learners enrolled for each programs
  • Visualization count of Institutes included
  • Visualization count of trainers assigned for the programs
  • Graphical representation for program enrolled vs completed
  • Chart of top learners and top programs enrolled
  • Bell Icon for text notifications
  • Profile, payment and category settings
  • Chart diagram for total storage and total space occupied
  • Storage details will be shown in view details
  • Active/ inactive and deleted status of each program, organizer, learners and trainers enrolled

LMS course module

LMS course module ensure the LMS administration much better and easier through the 100+ advanced LMS features

Course Module
  • List of enrolled programs with filter option
  • Program name, price, validity and status for each programs
  • Delete, disable and enable option for each programs
  • Settings option for each program enrolled
  • Customize the title, program profile, short description and over view for each program
  • Category selection, payment amount and program tag can be selected
  • Customize duration of the program, learner duration and learning hours per day
  • Assign trainers to the programs and enlist learners into the group
  • Bell Icon for texNotice board, Chat box, analytics, review & ratings, SEO settings in more menu notifications
  • Select programs chapter wise
  • Create new lessons and upload materials with the help of instructions given
  • Active or inactive status with edit option for each program
  • Drag and drop to order lessons, topics and materials
  • Upload Scorm files, mp3, mp4, pdf, doc/docx, ppt/pptx, xls/xlsx materials
  • Add topics, rename and enable/ disable options for each lesson
  • Assignment, Exam Hall, Live class sessions can be created
  • Html material, YouTube link, vimeo for better learning
  • Save video materials for future study
  • Disable/ enable and settings option for each materials
  • Outline and preview for each material in the program

LMS Learner and institute module

LMS customization allows the easy management of learner and institute module with role and access-based rights and schedules

Learner Module
  • Enrolled learners with register number, institute name and status
  • Select learner by searching and filtering
  • Profile setting, message option, disable/ enable options for each learners
  • Add learners into the group and program directly
  • Add learners one by one or can be imported from the system
  • Extract details of each learners
Institute Module
  • Enrolled trainers with name, email address, role and status
  • Search and filter option to find the trainer
  • Add trainer and import option
  • Profile setting, messaging, disable/ enable option and add program for each trainer

LMS group module

Admin features brings the group learning and session-based revision to control and management of the learner’s dashboard form the admin panel

Group Learning
  • Create groups for group learning
  • Groups with group name, institution name, learner count and status
  • Add learners and edit option for each group
  • Search group by its name
Session for Revision
  • Revision list with title, definition, video and current status
  • Upload mp4 files for revision
  • Revisions can be filtered and searched by title of the revision
  • View questions included and enable/ disable option for each program

Question and assessment module

Question and assessment module are the definitive administrative features of LMS with 25+ settings from admin and trainer dashboard

Question Module
  • Questions bank with question type
  • Create or import questions from files
  • Question manager to create and edit the categories
  • Create Super category, main category and sub category
  • Filter option to categorize the questions by its type
  • Single choice, multiple choice, subjective and filling the blanks question types
  • Question type, hardness level, category selection, score setting and annotation for each questions
  • Insert flowcharts, diagrams, images, tabular columns and formulas in questions
  • Customize font size and format for each questions
  • View each questions with its answer, marks and explanation of the answer
Exam Hall
  • Create your own exam hall for mock tests and subjective type exams
  • Rules and Guidelines to instruct the learners for each exam
  • Title, Duration, Marks, Attempts permitted, Exam Date and Time can be set
  • Customize Question Pattern, Acknowledgement, Display Analytics, Exam Restrictions and Exam Results
  • Add questions one by one with editing option
  • Upload or import questions from the selected files
  • Print questions and extract option
  • Listed questions with question type, edit and delete option
  • Negative score and positive score setting
  • Recommended materials for exams can be given
  • Save and enable option for each exam

LMS page and profile customization

LMS admin allows the page and profile customization which ensures the easy management of user data with encrypted manner

  • Pages along with page name, slug, and date
  • Update pages by using edit option
  • Remove pages by deleting
Profile Seings
  • Profile image for Admin can be set
  • Admin's personal details such as name, contact information, location, and languages, can be customized

LMS bundle module and LMS payment gateways

LMS bundle module and LMS payment gateway can be managed from the LMS admin panel with bunch of options

Package deals (Bundle)
  • Bundle courses with name, amount, validity and status
  • Settings, enable/ disable and delete option for each package courses
  • Restore deleted packages from deleted bundle option
  • Sort bundles by active and inactive
Payment Details
  • Display payment details with learner's name, program name, transaction ID, date, amount and payment status
  • Filter payment information based on the learner's name, curriculum, date, and status

LMS gamification and category management

LMS gamification through quiz board is the in-built LMS feature of the e-khool LMS software and also, category management ensure the user-friendly data retrieval

Game zone
  • Enable or disable knowledge based games for learners
  • Listed games with group name, game type, active/ inactive status and date
  • Each game have edit and rename option
  • Timing and marks for quiz type games
  • View and edit questions for puzzle games
  • Restore deleted games from deleted games
Category Manager
  • Super category, main and sub category for each program
  • Edit and delete option for each category
  • Move categories from one category to another category
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