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e-khool, the top Corporate LMS (corporate learning management system) is a highly advanced online employee training LMS platform that engages in online training and evaluation sessions to upgrade their employee's professional development online very comfortably. We are the best enterprise learning management system provider with more than 100 latest features, which is suitable for online staff training strategies.



Corporate LMS

In the recent era, most corporate companies require an automated training process to train their employees. A corporate LMS facilitates online training for employees and helps to train the employees more actively. We, e-khool the best LMS for corporate training to help you to achieve the desired goals. e-khool, the best corporate LMS can provide all the benefits needed for your corporate company. Employee training and development bring profit to the organization. Our e-khool LMS software helps to develop corporate training programs with maximum employee engagement and deliver the needed. Corporate training content to the workers/ employees. Products and services offered by our e-khool LMS software provide a stress-free learning experience for all your employees in an organization. Our flexible corporate LMS ensures that trainees, trainers, and employees from any organization can collaborate at any time on any device.

What is the need for us?

Our e-khool LMS software delivers the best platform for corporate training courses for the leaders and teaches them about the role to improve their performance. Our e-khool learning management system delivers corporate LMS for companies which boosts the performance of the employees and the motivation rate. It enhances the knowledge in the particular field and improves the employee's performance, which increases productivity. Our e-khool learning management system, the best LMS for corporate helps corporates to access scientific learning materials easily and tracks the performance and progress of employees. e-khool LMS software offers an advanced and customizable corporate training platform boosted with Artificial intelligence updates and also maximizes employee retention and skilled employees for the workforce.

Corporate e-khool LMS Software has the facilities for online professional development and training.

Challenges in corporate training

To enhance the efficiency of employees and to feed the knowledge about the working attitude, corporate training is needed for the employees. Some of the challenges faced while providing corporate training are listed below:

  • Searching for the perfect LMS
  • LMS Customization
  • Integration with CRM
  • Training content integration
  • Security and authenticity concerns
  • Data privacy
  • Mobile application cum web
  • End-user support

How e-khool helpful corporate training

Corporate training for employees is essential to improve the employee's existing skills and expertise in the particular field. The e-khool LMS-based online corporate training improves the productivity and efficiency of the organization through the recent techniques explained by skilled professionals. e-khool, the best LMS for industries with multiple learning styles to pinpoint and identify the interesting learning way to reduce the cognitive load of the employee. e-khool provides the LMS for companies that combine gamification, interactive learning, and new training techniques through the LMS to retain employees. The corporate training for employees through the corporate learning management system support delivering advanced skills and techniques to accept risk and makes it to their comfort zone through innovative thoughts.

Onboarding training
Professional Training and Coaching

Newly hired employees require proper training in a skill, the technology used by the organization, knowledge, and behaviors. Our e-khool LMS helps corporate companies to deliver in-depth corporate training to fulfill and improve the need and performance of employees.

Customer training
IIT JEE Coaching

Customers require training about the installation of the product or services and proper knowledge about them. e-khool LMS software helps corporate companies or enterprises to deliver the training program effectively to their customers/ clients.

Compliance training
UPSC coaching

Compliance training is needed for the employees to know about the company guidelines, policies, and regulations. We e-khool, the best LMS for industries ensure that for the employee in your organization,you can deliver proper knowledge about all the relevant laws, guidelines and rules.

Partner training
NEET coaching

Partner training helps to build and develop the relationship between the provider and distributor. We e-khool LMS help the corporate companies to provide consistent partner training transversely to your partner network so that each one can access and learn similar resources and information.

Employee training
SSC coaching

To maximize work effectiveness & confidence, job satisfaction is a required tool for an employee. With the help of e-khool, the best LMS for companies can enhance the employee's knowledge by providing the training platform where, the most skilled professionals can easily connect.

Sales training
Software coaching

Sales training is required for developing the seller's knowledge and maximizing the product sale. With the e-khool and LMS software companies can deliver effective sales training which helps to build a sustainable action plan leading to consistent sales.

e-khool LMS software serve to

e-khool corporate LMS software extends their SaaS-based cloud services to different industries to serve the learning task much better. The following list ensures that e-khool LMS software is adapted to serve various industries or enterprises.

LMS for retail industries

In the competitive world, business efficiency should be maximized to sustain in the market. Our e-khool learning management system helps retail industries to improve customer satisfaction, deal with employee turnover, and provide proper knowledge about the product. We are the best-centralized training platform that delivers your the data anywhere.

LMS for e-commerce companies

In e-commerce companies, the selling and buying of products and services are performed. To provide training related to this, our e-khool LMS software help the e-commerce companies to develop the training course related to their working area and they can scale up their training information needs very easily.

LMS for IT companies

IT companies use more number software. So that regular software updates and training about the software are also needed. We e-khool LMS, the best LMS for industries help IT companies to deliver a proper training program about the software and help to direct the invariable changes that occur in the IT industry.

LMS for construction companies

The construction industry focuses mainly on risk-confirmation construction works. The workers should be well trained before entering the working field. With the help of our e-khool LMS platform, construction companies can deliver online training to employees with the proper material and required content about the construction sector.

LMS for Hospital & Health Care

Hospitals and health care continuously look forward to advancing their medical facilities. To remain stable development, it is needed to promote employee skills. For that, our e-khool LMS software helps the Hospital & Health Care industries to benefit the hospital and health sector by delivering flexible and blended experience in learning.

LMS for mechanical companies

The mechanical company's work is related to the heating-cooling system, plumbing, piping, and refrigeration. The employees want to have the entire knowledge about this area. For that, corporate companies can choose our e-khool LMS, the best LMS for companies to give proper training about the machines and works undergone in the mechanical company.

Corporate LMS Features

We, e-khool LMS software ensure the presence of all kinds of corporate features to make employee training much better. The features set offered by e-khool LMS software is categorized as below.

Admin LMS Features
Admin LMS Features

Admin of e-Khool LMS manages and administrate the training activities properly provided by the company. In e-khool LMS, corporate companies can deliver their employee with a comprehensive training and support team to help with installation and continuance each step of the way.

Admin LMS Features
Marketing LMS features

With the help of advanced features, corporate companies can make use of it to market the training content through it. Our marketing ia branding, offering coupon codes to get the course discount, and integrating youtube channels easily with your mobile app.

Admin LMS Features
Analytics LMS features

e-khool LMS helps companies to provide a high-quality corporate learning management system that is very much helpful for the employee to learn about the company before entering into the fieldwork. Mobile learning support is the basic learning feature of LMS.

Admin LMS Features
Learning LMS Features

The construction industry focuses mainly on risk-confirmation construction works. The workers should be well trained before entering the working field. With the help of our e-khool LMS platform, construction companies can deliver online training to employees with the proper material and required content about the construction sector.

Admin LMS Features
Security LMS features

We,e-khool LMS have protected the corporate training content through advanced encryption standards. Some of the security features of our e-khool LMS are video encryption & security, video capture protection, screen protection, and document privacy.

Admin LMS Features
Important LMS features

Some other important features that should be focused on by the course creator of the corporate companies are white-labeling, uploading a machine-related video, proper advisory content about the machine, product management white labeling, and branding and so on.

Get answers to the favorable employee training LMS questions

A company-wide learning management system provides a framework that covers all aspects of employee training, from deployment to delivery to tracking training content. e-khool, the best LMS for the corporate company offers a platform for training managers to cover all aspects of employee training schedules with proper training content to make the training program more effective. This helps the employee to learn about the organization and the role of the employee in a particular organization.

The corporate LMS provide essential and needed information about the training, products used in the company, provide detail about the development strategies, and provide information about the organization's guidelines, rules, regulation and policy. e-khool learning management system affords corporate training by customizing all the needs of corporate companies. Also,helps the corporate companies to record the utilization of resources, track task progress, evidently reveal cost investments for employee training strategies and initiatives.

e-khool, best corporate LMS software help the industries to deliver their training content which helps to make strategic development of the organization and helps the working employees to develop the knowledge without any delay in their work.

How to start employee training with corporate LMS?

For all the requirements of corporate training, e-khool provides the microservice architecture-based LMS which can integrate all of your training needs. You can easily initiate the online employee training programs using the given seven steps.


Design the Perfect Course Curriculum


Make sure that the Curriculum of your course satisfies the training task


Select and Gather your Course Content


Structure Your Modules and Course Plan


Filming, Recording, and Editing your employee training Online Course


Setting up your online employee training platform


Launch and ensure the retention rate of employees

Which LMS is best for corporate training?


e-khool, the best learning management system designed with astonishing features helps companies to train employees with proper guidelines about the company/ industry. The AI-Powered platform helps to manage the activity of employees in the dashboard


Canvas helps corporates to create quality training content and deliver it completely to employee with proper guidance.


Edmo is a cloud-based technology that helps teachers to manage the classroom and easily generate assessment reports.


Udemy allows the enterprise to upload the training program conducted regarding the working culture, behavior, and guideline of the company.


It prioritizes social learning and its interface can be customized to resemble popular social tools.


EthosCE LMS deals with education relevant to healthcare professionals. Learners use LMS to share learning experiences using social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

what is the best LMS for corporate training?





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We believe that together with our customers, we are creating a new generation of learning platforms fuelled by artificial intelligence and micro-services architecture.