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Video compression is a technique for reducing the amount of data required to encode digital video material. It's worth mentioning that the video compression software is codec-based. In technical terms, "codec" refers to compression and decompression. It is an algorithm or a piece of software that reduces the size of videos. However, you must contend with significant issues such as the size and compatibility of the videos while compressing. Don't be concerned. This problem can be solved with our best video compressor known as e-khool free video compression software. e-khool free video compression software is one of the best ongoing video compressing software without any compromising in quality.

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Compress videos without losing quality

A video can be compressed at various levels. As a result, the higher the compression level applied, the more bandwidth and storage spaces can be saved. Even so, the video's quality has been distorted or reduced to some level. But the quality of the produced video is not affected by excellent video compression codecs. With that in mind, we'll discuss more than just the advantages of web-optimized video. However, e-khool free video compressor software is the best choice for compressing video for the web without sacrificing quality.

Steps to compress your video through e-khool compressor

The e-khool free video compressor software is extremely convenient and easy to use. A step-by-step method to compressing your video using e-khool free video compressor is found below.

Step 1 : First of all, select the "Output Location" to save your compressed video after compression

Step 2 : Click "Upload" and choose your video file with any format and resolution.

Step 3 : Video Compression will start immediately and the completion status will be shown.

Step 4 : The compressed video will be saved under the selected path within seconds.

Step 4 : Select the delete option to eliminate unnecessary files from the software without deleting the video material that has already been stored in the system.

e-khool video compressor

All-in-one video converter software for LMS

Why do you have to select e-khool compressor?

The user will acquire a range of benefits from using e-khool video compressor, which is outlined below.

Any pixel density and format can be accepted.

With e-khool video compression software, you can compress the MP4 video materials with any range of resolution without a quality break. Also, it will ensure that the video quality remains excellent and the users can easily access it no matter which device they are using.

Brilliant Output

As a result of using e-khool video compression software, it makes the compressed video files compatible with specific platforms. So that the video can be played on computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and CTVs, as well as other devices without sacrificing the quality of the video.

No files restrictions and watermark

With e-khool video compression software, there are no limitations for transferring video content. In other words, the user can compress an infinite amount of video files without needing to worry about the watermark at all.

Swift Compression

The e-khool video compression software assures that the viewers always have the best user experience by ensuring that the video files transfer swiftly. Within seconds the compressed video will be saved in the system with possible high quality resolution.

No compromise in video or audio quality

The e-khool video compression software assures that the viewers always have the best user experience by ensuring that the video files transfer swiftly. Within seconds the compressed video will be saved in the system with possible high quality resolution.

Free of Cost

e-khool free video compression software is a great choice for everyone who wishes to compress video files in any resolution with no video file restrictions. e-khool is a free video compression software that can be readily installed into your system by following this link.

Industry | Company LMS video compression based FAQs

Compressing a video using the e-khool video compression software is a breeze. Simply choose the output location, upload the video and the video will be compressed and stored in seconds.

Click "select your output folder", it will be directed to your pc, select desired folder and then click the select folder, the storage path will be saved.

Despite the fact that there are a variety of video formats, we strongly recommend the MP4 format for video encoding. This will ensure that your video is compressed with very minor quality loss.

There is no file size restrictions with e-khool video compressor. It will take minutes for encoding if it is a large file.

Generally speaking, the video quality improves as the resolution increases. Inversely, reduce the video resolution for lesser file size. The e-khool video compressor fits with all resolutions, making it the most optimal way to compress a video.

Video compression helps to compress large video streams into smaller video files. It reduces the space on your hard drive and takes less time to send huge files over email or other devices.

Yes, e-khool video compressor encodes the video. Video encoding reduces the size of your video files while maintaining their quality. With encoded videos, enormous amounts of data are compressed and your video is compatible with a wide range of devices and systems

The Delete option just encrypts files from the software; and therefore has no impact on videos that are already stored in the device.

It is absolutely free and the software could also be installed directly on Windows via the URL provided below

e-khool video compression software compresses the videos while maintaining the highest possible video and audio quality.

e-khool User Reviews

  1. e-khool is robust and universal free video compressing software that will help you to compress the video very fast and without much effort.
  2. It is amazing that this video compressor is totally user-friendly as well as it's absolutely free of cost. I want to share this with my friends!
  3. Slightly disappointed as we can compress only mp4 video formats, but it can compress even 4K videos with high speed and with the best possible quality.Overall it is good.
  4. e-khool video compressor makes it quick and easy for amateurs and hobbyists to compress videos and doesn't require that you invest in a powerful PC or spend hours learning how to use it. Simply love it!
  5. Good app. I'd love it if I had a user-friendly resolution option.
  6. User-friendly tools at free of cost. Simple, easy to use, effective interface and functioning. Overall all performance is also good.

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