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e-khool : Online a virtual classroom is an online learning and virtual teaching environment that allows learners and teachers to connect in one place. Teachers and students can share virtual courses and materials, interact with others, and work together as a group. Virtual learning programs include viewing recorded videos, asynchronous teaching materials, and live interaction between teachers and learners. In virtual classroom training, learners have access to high-quality content and highly qualified teachers from around the world, as long as they have an internet connection.

e-khool supports virtual live sessions with Online virtual Classroom integrated LMS software
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Best virtual classroom training setup:

Webinars: The webinar interface offers live lectures with multiple learners, enhanced with screen sharing and brand visualization options. The webinar feature has the opportunity to bring more learners to the board and improve business growth.

Live Lessons: Live lessons built into our learning apps ensure one-on-one interaction and clarify your questions instantly.

Live Classroom: Teachers can connect with multiple learners who can freely communicate face-to-face in virtual education.

Screen sharing: The screen sharing option allows teachers to control and point out what is on the screen without installing software.

Recording: The recording option allows you to record any video conference session and upload it as virtual course content to your LMS portal.

Physical Study Room Vs Digital Learning Room:

In many ways, Internet study rooms are a true reflection of physical study rooms. In a real classroom, users want to be able to see and hear their trainers and alternate students and have a good look at their whiteboards and their own learning materials.

In the Digital Learning Room, users can watch and listen to the trainer through videos and audio streams. The online interactive whiteboard allows instructors to visually explain and collaborate with learners.

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How the LMS software does help for learners & trainers through virtual classroom platform?

Comfortable study area: Virtual classrooms do not make online learning more robotic.

Interaction with people is essential for the realization of the school system.

Digital classrooms allow inexperienced individuals to chat and interact with friends and teachers without compromise.

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Collaborative training: Digital whiteboards, report sharing, digital meeting applications and chat facilitate collaborative learning among students. It mimics the real-time environment of a classroom without the physical meet. Also, it enhances the additionally discovered substances to increase knowledge retention.

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The term webinar comes from "network seminar". The concept is that people in geographically distant locations can click on a link and become part of a web meeting place together. Virtual online classes typically offer interactive options such as polls, Q&A periods, and conversation spaces for text, along with the ability to share slides and webcams.

Yes, e-khool LMS virtual classroom allows you to add multiple licenses for conducting a live session, so trainers can have sessions with different licenses at the same time.

e-khool integrated third-party services such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, Digital Samba and GoToMeeting as virtual learning management platform tools to provide real-time learning content.

Virtual learning platform reduces most of the barriers to synchronous learning such as time, cost and distance.

  • Audio and video conferencing capabilities.
  • Real-time text content
  • Interactive online whiteboard
  • Library with learning materials
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