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Admin features
Admin features

e-khool admin features ensure the course creation and its corresponding settings dynamically from the backend. The detailed LMS features are listed out below

Learning features
Learning features

User-friendly user interface without hectic loading issue make the LMS software best in the industry and thereby, online academies can get more number

Marketing features
Marketing features

e-khool also helps to market the course contents through the advanced features built within LMS software. You can check the list of marketing features

Security features
Security features

Our clients are 100% confident on their learning contents as we have protected their learning contents through advanced encryption standard.

Analytics features
Analytics features

Learner and teacher's performance report are ultimately important for the admin to analyse and take the further course of action.

Important features
Important features

The features listed out here are important in the perspective of any course creator who run the online academy.

Content authoring
Content authoring

Content authoring tools of our learning management system enables the clients to create the interactive learning material in seamless manner.

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The LMS is a system that can be either software application or web based technology utilized for planning, implementing and assessing a smoother learning process. In other words, learning management system is a solution for attaining an electronic way of communication amongst students for effective learning. The LMS helps to access the content of learning anytime and anywhere so that the students can complete their learning at their own expediency. The LMS mobile app eases on-go learning anytime, anywhere so that students can complete their courses on their mobile devices at their own convenience while being online. The LMS contains user-friendly navigation and customized themes that help to make the learning experience truly your own. The LMS permits students to view multimedia lectures, and exchange information with their teachers and download course materials. The LMS helps to organize learners to keep track of its progress and performance amongst all kinds of training related tasks. The LMS manages learning resources like instructional material fulfillment, registration and online learning delivery.

  • The LMS brings user-friendly access that facilitates users to completely immerse in their own learning experience.
  • The learning management system provides a platform for teaching and learning without the time and distance restrictions.
  • The LMS offers an opportunity to attain a huge, globally dispersed audience in short time with consistent content delivery.
  • The learning management system is used for providing interaction and improve the abilities of learning and support higher-order learning.
  • The learning management system arranges the content of learning in one place, which minimizes the risk of losing sensitive data and makes it easier to
  • understand and offers unlimited access to learning materials for brushing the concepts.
  • The LMS offers an opportunity for keeping track of learner progress and make sure whether they are attaining their performance milestones.
  • The learning management solution helps to bring confidence and faith in online schooling wherein teachers and students experience huge benefits of learning in virtual platform.

The LMS software is generally used for increasing the student achievement. The teachers analyze the LMS data for monitoring the progress of student. LMS is a simple, powerful, which are extensively used by teachers, schools and universities for delivering the learning contents to students. This app helps to create classes and assignments, connect with students, collaborate and track progress of students and share resource. Collectively, The LMS helps to provide learning anywhere and anytime. The LMS gives learners a greater flexibility by letting them utilize their mobile throughout learning. The LMS helps to deliver great learning courses to students in easier manner. The LMS provides the power to avert the costs of travel, prints of e-Learning materials and online training site rentals as the learners can acquire their learning online which saves huge cost. In addition, the LMS can minimize the time of online training. Instead of sitting through lengthy lectures, learners can click on online modules they require and understand the concepts in less time.

The popular examples of LMS includes,

  1. e-khool: It is an advanced online learning management system which permits the educators to effortlessly make their courses into online. AI-Powered platform bring 100+ features and can easily manage their courses with ease using dashboard.
  2. Schoology:The Schoology app helps to build their lessons and posts daily assignments and reminders amongst the students. The assignments involve discussion and quizzes sessions.
  3. Kadenze : It is an LMS which has several partner institutions that organize collectively to attain one platform. It provides college-level education.
  4. Open edX: It facilitates you to host and install your own branded course inspite of creating a new one.
  5. Moodle: It prioritizes social learning and its interface can be personalized to resemble popular social tools.
  6. EthosCE: EthosCE LMS refers education regarding the health professionals. Learners utilize LMS for sharing the experience of learning using social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
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