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e-khool provides in-built website builder which is the fastest method to build websites for your online courses. e-khool website builders make you drag and drop your way to design a satisfying site. Site builder developed by e-khool automatically makes your LMS website in an optimized layout and industry-specific design with lot of features. The online learning platform plays the knowledge retention role of the learner by making the learner more active through the easy updates of the existing courses.

Separate module for course creation as course builder with multimedia file support
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Need: The website builder is one of the essential functions of the e-khool that makes the clients create the course through LMS. The course builder of the LMS generates the user attractive landing pages for the online learning platform. The course builder on the LMS software provides the way to access the course content, assessments and learning experiences all in one platform to view the entire course.

Improve learner participation: The course builder allows the clients to build professional courses online with a single step on one platform. The learners can share their thoughts and interact with the inline comment within the online learning context. Also, in the Learning management system, the learners can create sticky notes for reference.

Customize the listing pages with site builder, brand color and theme

Course creation capabilities: Each learning management system offers different course creation capabilities. Check out what kind of course we design. Like assessments, quizzes can be in a variety of formats, including single-choice, multiple-choice, subjective, and fill-in-the-blank.

Easy updates and upkeep: To replace a present course, all you want is to get access to the material from the library and upload extra information, don`t need to begin from scratch. Course developers preserve due to the fact that maximum of them that make adjustments that can be consistent with compliance laws.

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User-friendly drag-and-drop buttons to create your business pages

Course Builder is designed to customize and integrate with company's look and feel. When creating courses, authors can create course with their own designs.

Well developed and user friendly course landing page with more user navigation options

Course landing enable to organize and deliver the course content in a standardized format and presented in the branded look and feel. The online LMS boosted with site builder application enriches the resource with limited time and cost through the competent administrator and a few instructors instead of using the Learning and development (L&D) team.

Get to know how you can build your own course website?

An online course builder is an application to create the course and the landing pages in their own branding colour and theme with more component.

Creating, Publishing and evaluating are the three main functions that should be consider during course building. Create interactive website and deliver online courses across the organization ultimately need a perfect site builder.

e-khool offers applications on both Android and iOS and the coaching app is fully branded in their own brand name.

When creating course structures, course authors must work with a list of functions such as content, file management, discussions, drop box, quizzes and interactive videos.

LMS course creators have generated content in the form of audio, video, text, exams and presentations. By using the course builder, the online academy can create their own website and upload the course content, assessment and learning experience in one platform.

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