Apr 08,2023

9 must hold lms modules for any e-learning management system: Online Learning App

9 must hold lms modules for any e-learning management system: Online Learning App

Must have LMS modules in online learning system

e-Learning is very essential for the success of every educational institutions, and organizations. The small company can begin with eLearning portals, when it never undertakes into online teaching.

Course Management System

A course management system is a section which is provided for accessing the course contents in various formats, manages student enrolment, and monitors the performance of a student.The materials for every course is provided to the learners which are present in different format, such as a live webinar, videos, audio, images, documents, HTML and so on.

Student Portal

Student portals involve the information on courses offered, transcripts, exam schedules, department contact numbers, timetables, and email programs. It is generally used to describe the login page in which students can enter the name of the user and password to access educational program for the organization and other learning materials.In this portal, the main targeted users are students. The personal information of the students can be retrieved easily by combining it with other systems. It is easy to access useful information for the students from anywhere at any time.

Institution Management System

It is obvious by means of number of features like events and news, messages, internal mail, profile search, school calendar, etc. It is developed to process the institution management automatically from the course management to the schedule management, and from course admission to certificate release. This institution management system is scheduled with the examination management, student management, user management, course management, delivery, and faculty.

Online Assignment Tool

Assignment tool permits the students for submitting the tasks online and their online feedback can be observed. It allows for setting up a location for every student to present an assignment. It is structured for both individual student and group's submission. Students can submit a wide range of file types and links for web-based items. It is an effective method to deploy, receive, and digitally grade assignments for the student. Addition of assignment is the same in any direction, no matter about the desired options. Assignments can be deployed either to the exact groups or individual students.

Online Test Tool

Instructors can monitor the progress of every student and provide guidance and support to the students in real-time. Online interactive examination is particularly secure, customizable, interactive, trustworthy, and can be retrieved in multiple devices. It is critical for the successful institute while assessing the learning for student during usual learning. The efforts are focused in 3 regions such as engagement analytics, quality assurance testing, and acceptance testing. It's essential to improve the learning experiences, consistently discover the path to analyze the online training.

Question Banks

Question banks are designed to improve the process of test development, promote greater functionality and flexibility to handle the collected questions by combining the detailed database software which is hard to cheat on tests by compiling the selection of questions from various banks. The instructor does not offer the exact questions twice while creation randomly. Creating test from question banks is easy and renewed when it is required. One or more question banks are saved, managed, and generated by the test authors. Question banks are controlled in different folders according to any required classification, such as aim, subject, question type, grade.

Intelligent Report Generation Tool

Intelligent report generation tools are employed to generate charts, data visualizations, and reports which are implanted in web-based applications. Reporting Tools and Business Intelligence contains various components such as viewer, chart designer, and chart engine. Reports are enlarged and published as a standalone solution with these different components. In both real-time decision making and ongoing development analysis, embedded intelligent equipment such as Reporting Tools, and Business Intelligence is used to attain the information. By recent and advanced algorithm of data mining, information is attained with these tools and hidden knowledge is removed by utilizing the machine learning.

Automatic Certificate Generation Tools

The automatic certificate generation tools are employed to create certificates and invoices automatically. The certificate is generated automatically, and directly mailed to the student, when a student completed their courses.This started by the faculties to set up the template for the certificates with a word document. The information of the certificates and students are added in the word document; here the fields are combined.

User Survey

The user survey of e-learning is intended to determine the general issues and seems to resolve the problems which are faced. It is a way of finding how the software or website is used by exact users. The important for the design team of user survey is to provide the answers for user and must be relevant to the issues. Reaching the respondents is easy method and time consuming is less than the usual method of collecting data by one to one interaction, thus expensive is low. The merit of this online user survey is accuracy, easy and quick to analyze, flexible, and ease of participation.

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