Apr 20,2023

e-khool: Best LMS for Teachmint alternatives & Competitors

AUTHOR : Reshma S
e-khool: Best LMS for Teachmint alternatives & Competitors

e-khool is a leading LMS platform provider that transforms classroom instruction into an online learning experience. The most interesting feature is the page builder with over 25 blocks that you can use to design your price list pages and landing pages. e-khool provides various options to create your pages using the blocks available in page builder settings. There are add-on blocks such as multi-banners, pages, tabs, articles, headers, footers, course cards, heroes and animated text.

How e-khool is the best Teachmint alternative

e-khool LMS provide a white-labeled e-learning platform focused on users' needs and the platform provides user-friendly modules for sharing content with learners. As with using the page builder, lms administrators can customize pages to provide a better learning experience. Our clients can create their custom pages and publish their self-paced learning courses through the e-khool learning platform. Even e-khool LMS offers tracking capabilities, it also allow you to monitor student activity, course grades and course history purchases online.

e-khool vs. Teachmint

Compared with teachmint alternatives for your business or organization, e-khool offers you a lms custom page builder for your landing page. By using this, you can create or upload an image, logo, header, footer, tabs, etc. It can motivate business professionals to market their courses easily and it reaches a large number of users by impressing their attractive landing page.

Top 5 feature modules you should not miss from e-khool LMS software

Page builder

e-khool Learning Management System has its theme component or block, which allows the user to design and structure their responsive and custom pages.

Role-based access:

This feature allows you to differentiate user roles and permissions based on roles. For example, only trainers can access the content editing and admin panel.

Email notification:

The notification system can automatically send real-time notifications based on upcoming virtual class reminders, report course completion, or announce available course material. e-khool LMS has its email template, the content of which can be edited by the administrator as needed.

Blended learning:

Features include virtual training sessions on the platform or self-paced learning with PDFs, videos and quizzes. This allows every user to learn in their style.

Mobile access:

Access your learning content anytime, anywhere, on any device. This mobile elearning platform allows students to participate in exams and virtual classes and get their questions answered anytime through a single device.

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