Collaboration with Hindustan HR:First release of the developed static web portal

JUL 30, 2016

How to become Millionaire within a month by learning app |e-khool come up with a solution

Hindustan HR joins hands with Resbee for making the online HR training for the employees through the online LMS. "HR training is essential for enhancement of bottom line of the organization and is the top of the game. The online HR program through the LMS makes the HR professionals expertise in talent acquisition, employee relation, and develops skills like relationship management, critical evaluation, and communication that makes the HR professionals take better decision" Founder of Hindustan. "The learning management system benefits the learners by providing different styles of resources, and chat options benefit each other's experience that makes them to follow the right policy. The well-trained HR professional, result in higher revenue for the company and is most likely to stick with the company. Hence, this collaboration continues for providing training and development of the company in various domains," says Director of Resbee.

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