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31 July 2020

e-khool launches the LMS version 9.0.0: Mobile app

Online Training App

Abinaya J S

e-khool announces the launching of the latest version of LMS 9.0.0 with mobile apps like online exam app, coaching app, and learning app. The mobile app is user-friendly and supports android, iPhone, Tablet, Laptop, etc. that provides hassle-free assessment and smart proctoring. "LMS now makes content easily accessible on mobile devices for users. It is a convenient means of delivering web-based training to your employees", says Co-founder of Resbee. "The course completion rates are higher for LMS-based mobile apps due to the vast availability. The gamification creates a sense of achievement and provides an individualized and engaging learning experience to the learners," says Co-founder of Resbee.

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