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DEC 30, 2017

Collaboration with NIKKAM Consulting services:

A new client partner

Abinaya J S

Resbee announces its collaboration with NIKKAM Consulting services for HR consulting and training of their partners through learning management system. The online workshops, webinars, skill training, and blended learning programs with best practice contents are provided through the online learning programs. "The skill training positively affects the employees and the LMS supports the training and development goal of the organization, through the skill enhancement training that impacts the efficiency and profitability of the organization," says Co-founder of NIKKAM Consulting. "The skill trained employees through the online learning platform get experienced training from the experts of various organizations and develops the can-do attitude that reduces the need for supervision, improves job satisfaction, and enhances productivity. This collaboration helps the NIKKAM Consulting services to achieve the outstanding performance I HR consulting service achieve the organizational goal," says Co-founder of Resbee. In addition, the online training attracts potential employees because it shows them that they have room to grow and accept new challenges.

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