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30 April 2020

Collaboration with A B Patil School, Sangli

Online academy in school education

Abinaya J S

e-khool announces its 100th collaboration with A B Patil School, Sangli. e-khool is now delivered K12 LMS platform to A B Patil School to provide an online learning platform for the teachers and students. The LMS training for the teachers helps to maintain records of classroom activities; formulate syllabus, teaching plans, and assessments online in an organized way easily. "e-khool allow teachers to experiment with the application of various learning techniques such as blended learning, flipped learning, social learning, rapid learning, storytelling, and more depending on what works best for the students," says Principal of A B Patil School, Sangli. "Learning Management Systems in education offers a smart alternative to educational institutions in such a scenario and allows teachers to deliver customized content, leverage various pedagogical models, and engage their students much better than previously that makes the collaboration go further," says Marketing head of e-khool.

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