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JAN 13, 2017

Releasing LMS version 2.0.0:

Dynamic web portal

Abinaya J S

The LMS software developed by Resbee launches its new version 2.0.0., a dynamic web portal. The backend admin portal is developed, whichacts as the master control that has the authorization to create a new program and assign the respective faculty to conduct the program. For instance, the admin portal is accessed by the dean/ coordinator for the online program in the organization. The LMS offers great flexibility since the learners can start or resume the training concerning their own time and pace. The blended learning is provided through virtual live classes, in person, and on-demand. "The learning management system is the most customizable and trusted platform for the learners and organization that have complete control over the stored data and contents. The vision of the LMS is to provide quality education with a great learning experience,"says Director of Resbee.

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