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13 July 2019

E-khool launches Version 7.0.0:

Third-party integration

Abinaya J S

E-khool announces the latest version 7.0.0, with the upgraded third-party integration like e-mail and SMS gateways. The SMS gateways like the SMS-2 factor, Twilio, and nettyfish are integrated to provide error-free and secure information transactions. The e-mail gateway, Twilio and AWS, is integrated to provide the authentication of the e-mail that protects the sender's reputation with high deliverability. "The remainders, notifications, approval, rejection, and bulk messaging with timed-release are provided through the e-khool that schedules the program in the right path," says Chief Technology Officer of e-khool. "The promotional notifications, brands advertise their goods, increase brand awareness, and maximize sales, and the transactional notifications notify the clients of their order status," says Chief Technology Officer of e-khool.

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