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30 August 2021

e-khool collaborates with Suresh Paadasaalai:

Competitive training Institute

Abinaya J S

e-khool announces its 200th collaboration with the Suresh Paadasaalai, a competitive exam training institute. The online learning platform provides ample resources with guidance and mentorship in a single platform that makes the learners crack the exam easily. The online preparation for competitive exams promotes self-study with excellent quality study materials which are drafted by experts and skilled professionals in different formats like audio, video, and documents. "Several assessments, continuous evaluations of the learners through data analytics, and remedial measures help to track the learner's performance. Moreover, the online coaching provides learners with the updated materials that have to be studied to prepare well for the examination," says Founder of Suresh Paadasaalai. "Visual and animated learning techniques through the experts strengthen the concepts with more clarity that makes the learners to crack the exam easily," says Chief Executive Officer of e-khool.

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