Online Learning management system Modules


The learner panel includes the complete course he/she want to study, chat room, discussion forum, reports, exam panel along with the learners’s profile details such as name, contact number, joined date and so on.


The trainer portal provides guidelines for academic aspects and learner issues for instance assessments outcome and grading criteria standards. It also provides information on learner accommodation and access directly for uploading tests and exams.


The admin portal acts as the master control that has the authorization for creating new course and assigning the respective trainer to conduct the course. For instance, the admin portal is accessed by the dean/ coordinator for the online course in an institute.


Intelligent report generation tools are used to create data visualizations, charts, and reports which are embedded in rich client and web-based applications. Reporting Tools and Business Intelligence includes different components such as chart designer, the viewer, and chart engine.


Curriculum means a course of study. The content of every course are included in the curriculum field in a very ordered & sequentially presented manner. Here, the learners can study the course in the form of documents, live lectures, youtube videos, recorded videos, audios, images. Also, the assignments and the exams to be conducted in between the sections of the course are clearly portrayed in a sequential order.


Generally, the discussion occurs using subtopics and organized topics to assist in searching. A course allows members to carry online discussions. The same group members are allowed to share ideas and information. Discussion forums can be private or public, based on the objectives of forums and desired level of access into the forum. Private discussion forums control anyone without accessing the exact permissions from posting or viewing into the forum. The discussions are started by posting queries or questions by a member about any specific topic or course, and the reply of other members continues it, the technology used for the interaction of users by exchanging posts, messages and sometimes discuss a given topic. Instead of direct personal email, the discussion forum is used for security concern and privacy to protect this is the best idea.


Chat room allows to access online chat room service where people can interact with different persons who belong to the course. Talking with different people may helps to clarify your doubts and verify with your ideas. By selecting the appropriate username, the user can start chatting in the chat room. Proper arrangements are made for better discussions.


A payment gateway allows the end user to do a payment transaction by the transfer of information between a payment portal and the front end processor or acquiring bank. Payment gateway integrated within LMS contains proactive features such as, secure gateways, compatibility, average user experience, reporting, usability and complete transactions as fast as possible.


Assignment tool allows the learners to submit the tasks online and their online feedback can be viewed. To present the assessment, it permits setting up a location for learners. Assignments are structured for both individual learners and group’s submission. Learners can present a broad range of links and file types for web-based items. It is an efficient method to receive, deploy, and digitally grade the learner assignments. Addition of assignment is the same in any direction, no matter about the desired options. Assignments can be deployed either to the exact groups or individual leaners. The capability to permit unlimited or several sets of number submission, an action that was possible previously by either clearing attempts or creating multiple assignments are the major improvements in the assignments.


In real-time, Instructors can observe the progress of every learner and provide guidance and support to the learner. So, the assessment of learner online throughout the examination is an essential one. Online examination is extremely customizable, trustworthy, secure, interactive, and can be accessed in multiple devices. At the usual interval, it is critical for the successful institute when assessing the learner learning. The efforts are focused in 3 areas namely acceptance testing, engagement analytics, and Quality assurance testing. Using the benefits of computer-based assessment, lesser long-term costs, greater impartiality and flexibility, question enhancement and efficiency in storage is attributed to the maker's online exam question bank purpose. It’s necessary to improve learning experiences, consistently discover ways to analyze online training, and listen to learners in nowadays online training competitive landscape. Based on various parameters, multiple choice questions with flexible assessment models provide instant feedback to learners.


In testing, one of the initial and popular uses of the computer permits a test maker to store questions in files, make it easy to assemble the interchanged test forms and store additional information associated with the items in subsets. The design of question banks improved the process of test development, promoting greater functionality and flexibility to handle the accumulated questions by integrating detailed database software. It is more difficult to cheat on tests by compiling the selection of questions from various banks.


Role management system allows to create the various role within the learning management system. It aims to create and control the complete system depending upon the roles defined by the university.