e-khool - Marketing Features of best LMS software

Best LMS Marketing Features

e-khool also helps to market the course contents through the advanced features built within LMS software. You can check the list of marketing features below.

  1. Business Settings
    • Brand Logo setting for the Platform
    • Create brand name, quote, and meta summary for the platform
  2. Site Wallpaper Settings
    • Banner search box with acceptable file size for wallpaper settings
    • Enable/disable the banner search box
  3. Contact Settings
    • The admin's contact information, such as phone number, email, and address can be customized
  4. Favicon
    • Site favicon can be personalized
  5. Theme Settings
    • Theme color, Font color can be customized
    • Theme for the app can be on/off
  6. Review and Testimonials
    • Add testimonials of learners, trainers and parents
    • Name, description and status for each testimonials
    • Block comments for testimonials
  7. Coupon codes
    • Coupon code can be given to the preferred user to get the course discount
  8. SEO Optimized Pages
    • URLs are fully customized and pages are fully optimized and responsive for SEO ranking.
  9. Push messages
    • Admin can send unlimited push messages with different filtering options
  10. YouTube integration
    • Your YouTube channel can be easily integrated within your mobile app and web portal.
  11. Newsfeed integration
    • Your newsfeed will be displayed in the mobile app and web portal calendar basis.
  12. Marketing Hub
    • Your business promotion related videos, news articles will be notified under the hub section
  13. E-mail integration
    • User will be notified with e-mail frequently and it is integrated within mobile app and portal
  14. Keyword tagging
    • Every courses can be tagged with keywords so that the searching and SEO marketing make simple
  15. Share the app
    • Tell your mates about the app by sharing it with them
Top companies choose e-khool to build in-demand online academy.
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