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LMS For Training institutions

Top online learning platform bring the millions of users for software training and guarantee of making best online academy

LMS for

Training institutions

Mobile learning platform based LMS are necessary for some of the training institutes like industrial training institutes, competitive exam training, language training, software training,and etc.

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How to prepare online courses

For training institutions

  • Choose a Profitable Idea
  • Test Your Idea
  • Create a Course Outline
  • Create Your Course Content
  • Get Your Course Online
  • Set a Price for Your Course
  • Get Students for Your Course
  • Launch Your Course
  • Reduction of the costs of education and training,
  • Reduction of the duration of learning,
  • Easy to track the learning process and learner’s development
  • Participate in Forum discussions
  • Create an affiliate program
  • Live video on social media
  • Partner with other online instructors
  • Use Facebook Ads
  • Start a Facebook and LinkedIn Group
  • Share infographics on Pinterest

Business partnership with

Coaching institutions


Take forward coaching services to a new height of success.


Integrated coaching methodology = Traditional coaching + Advanced online coaching.


Integrated coaching by an coaching academy to have

  1. Traditional coaching@institutepremises
  2. Advanced online coaching@e-khool (Our learning platform)

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