Apr 20,2023

e-khool - White label LMS Product

AUTHOR : Shajai Kanth
e-khool - White label LMS Product

White label LMS software provides the proficiency of tailoring your learning platform to have a look and feel of your own company or institutes. In terms of reflecting one’s organization brand, they can have their own logo, theme, colors, visual aspects etc. in the White Label LMS. The best White label Learning Management System software allows to have the replacement of vendor's logo by one's own customized brand logo, theme and colors to have look and feel, reflecting brand identity.

White Labeling LMS with customization

Start from Your Domain URL

A perfect white label LMS software offers branding and publishing your courses and training materials under your own domain URL for a branded white label course listing site. This even more allows them to brand their product as their own.

Customize your themes and icons

Every website will have their own signature themes and icons. Meanwhile, best White Label Learning management system allows to customize themes and icons, re-creating the site to have their organization look and feel, without changing their organization flavor with uniqueness.

Claim your UI and messaging

One can have their own UI reflecting their brand, that can be totally customizable as per their business needs. The best white Label LMS software provides better options for customizable User Interface. Also White Label LMS paves way for the alerts and notifications, user registration messages to the end users under their own brand headers.

Design your own certificate

Most of the online academies/ institutions, organizations offer online certifications for their learners in their own brand. The best LMS white labeling software allows the Content author to design their own certificate, that will be issued to each and every learner after course completion. Online certificate design on White label LMS can be created, edited and re-designed any time with their own brand.

Integrate your own logo and branding

Top White Label LMS in the edutech segment comes with advanced options for integration of your own logo, stating pure white label branding for their course listing website. The vendor’s logo can be replaced by the organization logo with pure branding options like brand quote, banners and wallpapers to have a premium look.

Launch your own app in your google/app developer account

Best White Label Learning management system offers user friendly mobile apps in their own brand with white label training materials. Advanced White Label LMS comes with the option to launch branded mobile app in the Playstore/ Appstore in your own developer account. This reflects pure white label branding of the organization including web app and mobile app.

Top 5 companies offering white label LMS

1. e-khool LMS

e-khool LMS was the best online Learning Management System platform offering best LMS white labeling in the market with options to create white label training materials. The cloud based LMS offers branded options to market your courses more easily to engage your learners through White label courses. Top Learning Management system platform serving more than 200+ clients of various business sectors, helps to launch one's own branded online academy in web and mobile app.

2. Talent LMS

Talent LMS was one of the top Learning Management System platform offering white label products with friendly user interface. They offer both web app and mobile app. The cloud based LMS platform allows to create online white label courses with well developed training materials.

3. Docebo

The single platform solution with content deliverables through White label courses. They offer Learning platform better known for training solutions. The cloud based LMS platform educate customers and partners transforming enterprises and corporate onboarding with white label training materials.

4. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds was the online course platform for online course creation with white label branding options. They offer interactive learning with customizable visuals for branded look and feel for the users to have better learner experience. They also offer interactive video sessions with social talk promotions.

White-Label LMS based FAQs

1. How the white-Label platform is used to build the branding

White label LMS offers well developed options for the authorized users to have their own logo, customizable themes, brand quotes, along with White label courses with interactive content creation modules to have a branded interaction for end users.

2. What are the key functionalities to be considered in White label

Considerations for White label key functionalities like pure domain URL in organization name, ability to change logo, user friendly options to create White Label Products, customize the themes and icons reflecting the organization's look and feel.

3. Difference between white-labeling and blue labeling

White-labeling allows the authorized user to have their own logo and branding in the platform by all means. Blue labelling the platform means, the branding remains with the LMS service providers, while the authorized users or the buyers can use the platform as third-party application to promote their online edutech business.

4. What is the importance of google developer account for android app launch

The complete White Label LMS even offer the option to launch the mobile application on google playstore in the customer's own google developer account to have pure branding as app stays branded.

5. What is the purpose of removing “Powered by" message?

Customers looking for pure branding for their edutech business adopts the White Label LMS platform to remove “Powered by” message in both web and mobile application. This highlights branding of the customer in the learning platform.

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