Transform your university into online university Using LMS Software
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e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

Arts & science universities

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

Medical Universities

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

Agricultural universities

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

Law universities



University LMS helps the offline universities to deliver an online course to off-site students of Universities, Colleges, and Schools. We,e-khool, the best LMS for higher education support the universities to augment their on-campus resources or expand their student population by targeting users outside of their traditional territories. Students can learn flexibly with online degree courses. Through e-khool LMS, universities can provide a personalized approach to each student,Increased engagement and students collaboration,Unlimited tracking data, and Customization Opportunities,Parents involvement, and Flexibility. With the help of our e-khool software, the best higher education LMS universities can create an educational workflow that includes blended learning, elements of gamification, tracking students' goals, and live video/audio conferencing. e-khool LMS software helps the higher education institution to provide online degree certification for Higher education students. We e-khool, the best LMS for universities afford the higher education institution by providing a virtual classroom that makes face-face communication between teachers and students more convenient.

Our e-khool LMS, the best universities learning management system, help the higher educational institution to reach a new height of success. With the help of e-khool LMS, the universities can deliver an integrated learning methodology that promotes traditional learning and advanced online learning. The strength of our e-khool LMS is advanced and customizable e-learning platform boosted with Artificial Intelligence updates. Our e-khool LMS, the higher education LMS platform helps the universities to results in maximizing student success ratio and skilled students for employability. Our e-khool LMS promotes the university to deliver online courses for universities with self-motivated learning styles. By our e-khool learning management system universities can deliver new training programs and trends.

Challenges in online university

Most universities are in the need of a learning management system to deliver online degree certification courses to students. Some of the hurdles faced by the universities are listed below:

  • Right LMS software to deliver online degree certification

  • Course curriculum preparation

  • Recording of videos

  • Secured delivery

  • Designing and publishing content on time

  • Course marketing

How e-khool helpful make online university

e-khool learning management system, the best universities LMS helps the universities to transform their offline mode into online universities. e-khool LMS software also allow the universities to deliver their learning content in the form of videos, animated videos, document, exam, interactive exercises. With the help of our e-khool software, the best LMS for higher education, universities can facilitate practical skills to learners through videos, simulations, scenarios, and assessments.

  • Arts & science universities

    In arts and science college, analyzing and solving critical problems, risk handling techniques, and skill improvement were taught. e-khool LMS software helps the Arts & science universities to deliver skill-based training and problem-solving training through online mode and also, helps to launch their own online university.

  • medical_services

    Medical universities

    Nowadays, medical universities require technological advancement and trends in administrative and educational practices for delivering advanced services. With the support of e-khool LMS software,medical universities can easily promote their pieces of training and complete guide about the program to students in online mode.

  • grass

    Agricultural universities

    Agriculture universities guide the students to focus on the science-based program and they can start their online programs with the help of our e-khool, which is the best LMS software for universities, and they can provide course material, multimedia content, and training classes to
    the students.

  • gavel

    Law universities

    In law university, effective training and coaching is a quite difficult problem. Our e-khool LMS, allows law universities to easily create training programs by uploading all legal materials onto our platform. So that, all your legal training can be done online professionally and effectively by the help of our e-khool LMS software.

University LMS Features

e-khool LMS offers plenty of feature set to build your online university. All of the university LMS features offered by e-khool LMS software are categorized into six ways such as admin features, marketing features, analytics features, learning features, security features and important features.

Admin LMS Features

Admin features of e-khool LMS allows the universities to create courses, making exams, student management and teacher management.

Marketing LMS features

With the help of advanced features built within our e-khool LMS software, universities can sell the course content through our marketing features.

Analytics LMS features

Our e-khool LMS supports the universities to take the analytics report in the form of exams, program, assignment, feedback, activity, and cumulative program.

Learning LMS Features

e-Khool LMS helps the higher education institution to deliver high-quality content to the student in an understandable way by effectively making use of learning features.

Security LMS features

We e-khool have protected the clients learning content through advanced encryption standards and the learning contents are 100% confidential.

Important LMS features

Some other important features that should be focussed on by the course creator of the University are white-labeling, offline downloads & customizable website builder.

Get answers for college lms favorable questions

  • What is university LMS software

    University LMS serves as a web-based technology that allows the universities to deliver the online certification. We, e-khool LMS, the best university LMS help the universities to deliver study materials, conduct assessments, present video/ audio content, and clarify the doubts of students effectively from anywhere at any time.

  • Best Learning Management Systems for higher education?

    e-khool, the best learning management system trusted by one million users, help the universities to prepare and deliver the course-related content, maintain and develop a report for assessment conducted for students. e-khool LMS also helps the universities to manage the student's study cycle from online course admission to online degree certification.

  • Why Build Your online university with University LMS?

    University Learning Management System helps to administrate, monitor, and report online courses and training programs within an organization. It serves virtual classrooms where faculties can work together with their students and conduct learning activities online. We, e-khool LMS help the university with easy content accessing and quick subject portion delivery. e-khool learning management system helps the university to make collaboration with students easily, easy to track and monitor students performance, reduce cost and time for teaching development

How to start online degree certification in your university?

e-khool LMS will be your one stop solution for all of your LMS needs and will be acted as technology partner to build your online university. You can easily transform your offline mode into online university using the following six steps


Create the learning materials in the form of video, documents and exams



Find the best university LMS software



Upload the courses to the university LMS software



Market the courses through the marketing tool and get the new students



Deliver the online course completion certification automatically through LMS software


Which LMS is best for higher education?


e-khool, the best learning management system permits the university to provide online degree certification to the students. The AI-Powered platform in e-khool LMS helps the universities to manage their course content and details using the dashboard.


Blackboard uses cloud-based technology to upload all the course content and deliver it to the students whenever is needed.


Moodle prioritizes social learning and its interface can be customized to resemble popular social tools.


Kadenze is an open-source learning platform that provides courses related to arts, music, technology.


EthosCE LMS deals with education relevant to healthcare professionals. Learners use LMS to share learning experiences using social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Which LMS is best for higher education?
e-khool Blackboard
Moodle Kadenze

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