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Need: The LMS software online academy provides access to students from remote areas with limited access to education. The online teaching platform provides innovative teaching with different learning styles and creative learning activities through the student-centered learning management system. The interactive and discussion section of the e-khool provides more active learning, and the anonymity of the online environment makes the shy students to thrive online.

Anywhere, anyplace and anytime: The online learning platform allows students to participate in the class from anywhere, anyplace, and anytime. The e-khool learning management system is user friendly and anyone can access it more easily. The participants can discuss and respond with individual capability irrespective of the discriminating factors. The online lectures in the online teaching platform can be stored, archived, shared for further references, and accessed whenever necessary.

Creative teaching: The e-khool online interactive learning through the LMS leads to the critical thinking of participants. The trainer and the participant in the online interaction provide a dynamic learning experience. The updated resources and the ideas were shared among the participants in the online learning platforms for success.

Affordability: The online learning platform reduces the cost of boarding and creates a paperless learning environment. Different learning styles such as audio, video, documents, and gamification styles, several learning options with wide resources such as online test series, mock tests, and quizzes are affordable through the LMS software online academy. The customized learning of the e-khool is more affordable for the learners.

Knowledge Testing: The e-khool online learning platforms combines different learners from different places. Several participants with different knowledge backgrounds participate in the test series, mock test, and online quiz, which helps to analyze the self-position among different peoples and can enhance the level of learning to achieve the target through the LMS.

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