e-khool - Learning Features of best LMS software

Best LMS Learning Features

User-friendly user interface without hectic loading issue make the LMS software best in the industry and thereby, online academies can get more number of learners on board.

  1. Dashboard
    • AIRA's welcome message with the learner's profile image
    • Brand logo with menu bar
    • Continue regular learning with the help of AIRA
    • Listing of programs enrolled
    • Upcoming live class schedules and videos
    • Live tuition to clear doubts with best tutor in one on one discussion
    • AIRA assists to resume the left off learning
    • Attend pending exams directly from exams
    • List of assignments with program name, title and date of expiration
    • Knowledge based games to enhance the reasoning skills of the learners
    • Revision schedules will be listed
    • Tell your mates about the app by sharing it with them
  2. Study room
    • Video library for better learning
  3. Learning Analytics
    • Analytical Map of the learner’s activity based on learning for all programs
    • Pie graph depicts the learner's activity time for each subject with color representation
    • Progress bar stating learner’s activities through all programs
    • AIRA offers an advice based on overall performance of the learner
    • Graphical chart represents the activity period of the learner on daily, weekly and monthly basis
    • AIRA ranks the learner based on the performance in exams
    • AIRA analyze the knowledge, speed , memory and the reasoning skill of the learner though the exam
    • AIRA analyze the brain power of the learner and provides ranking and suggestions
    • Gamification to demonstrate the learner's average learning level for each course
    • Progress bar indicates the exams attended, hours spent, answered questions and assignments completed by the learner for each program enrolled
    • Keep learning and revise the programs for better results
  4. AIRA Assistance box
    • AIRA assists the learner to get into the regular activity and to reach the goal
    • Gamification to demonstrate the learner's average learning level for each course
    • Progress bar based on learner spent time on live class and videos for each program
    • AIRA analyzes the activities and the performances in exams of the learners
    • AIRA’s tips and secrets helps to improve the learning ability and aids to reach the goal
    • AIRA recommends the learner to focus on particular topics for better results
    • AIRA's learner-topper analogy lets the learners develop their academic abilities
  5. My programs
    • Listing of all programs enrolled
    • Name of the program, the trainers assigned and the number of materials will be shown
    • Clear doubts with the trainer in Q&A chat box
    • Overall view of the learning activities of the learner in analytics
    • Learners rating for the program
    • Video library for better learning
    • AIRA automatically leads the learner to the left off learning
    • Finished materials will be shown by checkbox
    • All subscribed programs will be listed with program name, star rating and progress bar
  6. Live Class
  7. Resume Learning
    • AIRA assists to resume the left off learning for each program enrolled
  8. Extras
    • Attend exams directly from exam schedules
    • Assignment submission will be easily done
    • Brain games for learners
  9. My Exams
    • Listing of exams for each subject with Exam title, date, time and marks scored
    • Exam report of each exam with remarks
  10. Assignments
    • Title of the assignment, date of submission, score and grade for each assignment
    • Instructions for assignment with expiration date
    • Materials such as html, files and links can be submitted
  11. Gamification
    • Knowledgeable games like quiz and puzzles enhance the reasoning skills of the learners
    • Knowledge based activities helps the learners learn the programs without boring
  12. Bookmark
    • Bookmarked materials will be listed
    • Filter bookmarks by videos and exams
  13. Revision
    • AIRA guides the learner to revise the learning for each subject
    • Revision list with program name and topic aids to revise the program easily
  14. Subscribe Now
    • All subscribed programs will be listed with program name, star rating and price of the course
    • Course can be selected by their category
    • Subscribe the program for free enroll into the program
    • Buy or add the program into the cart for later purchase
  15. Learners review
    • Learners can write a review about the program they enrolled
  16. Search Box
    • Easy to find search box
  17. My Programs
  18. Wish list
    • Listing of favorite programs enrolled
  19. Account
    • About, privacy policy and share the app pages will be shown
  20. Settings
    • Profile settings of the learner with profile completion bar
    • Personal details of the learner can be customized
    • Sign out option
    • Reminder option
    • On/off notifications
  21. Video settings
    • Video playback on/off
    • Enable video quality option
    • Feed forward and backward option in video player
    • Fit to display- playing option in video player
    • Customized progress bar in video player
    • Video materials cannot be download from any other sources
    • No screen recording and screenshot are permitted
    • Externally captured videos cannot be posted since they are watermarked
  22. Terms and conditions
    • Details of Ownership Rights, Liability Limitations and Accounting - Terms and conditions
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