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e-khool LMS is a top K-12 LMS software for schools and students can able to study through branded learning app

International schools

e-khool LMS is a top K-12 LMS software for schools and students can able to study through branded learning app

ICSE schools

e-khool LMS is a top K-12 LMS software for schools and students can able to study through branded learning app

Cambridge schools

e-khool LMS is a top K-12 LMS software for schools and students can able to study through branded learning app

CBSE schools

e-khool LMS is a top K-12 LMS software for schools and students can able to study through branded learning app

State board schools

e-khool LMS is a top K-12 LMS software for schools and students can able to study through branded learning app

IGCSE schools



K-12 LMS

To enrich the K-12 educationand to standardize the quality of schools and students, we e-khool LMS software, the best learning management system help to generate the phenomenal k-12 learning app and make your K-12 students more effective and successful. e-khool LMS software supports K12 Educational Learning Management System (LMS)and provides access to a variety of tools and services within the LMS which is a necessity for teaching and learning. Teachers and students from your school can utilize the K-12 LMS provided by our e-khool LMS software to deal with teacher-student communications and collaborations online, while K-12 LMS offers learning materials, tools for mounting and tracking assignments, and reports. It also offers admittance to features and analytics. Using K-12 learning appstudents easily get the idea about the concept by the videos, documents and lectures uploaded.

Our e-khool LMS software offers the best K-12 LMS for schools' with fully-featured functionality, immeasurable integrations, and flexibility. e-khool LMS platform delivers K-12 Learning management system with an all-inclusive online Learning result for K-12 education in a customized manner to meet definite elementary and secondary education needs. We e-khool LMS afford a prominent K-12 learning app to your schools so that you can educate, assist and analyze the learners in a precise way. With K-12 LMS in our e-khool software,you can help the students to maximize the K-12 education performance and level of knowledge. Our e-khool LMS also helps you to access K-12 learning app from anywhere, at any time and using any device.

Challenges in online classes and K-12 education

In the recent era, K-12 students need subject content with live examples and animated clips for better understanding. We, e-khool LMS support K-12 education by providing K-12 learning appto your school so that you can upload the standard course materials and also help to develop and sell live classes, demo videos, and more experimental videos in our e-khool LMS software. Some of the challenges faced are listed below:

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    Choosing the affordable and quality LMS

  • publish

    Course creation and publishing

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    Finding the quality teachers

  • schedule

    Administration cost and time to elevate

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    Review and rating

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    Authentication concern

  • storage

    Data confidentiality

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    Student retention rate

How e-khool helpful for K-12 schools

With the help of the e-Khoolsoftware, students and teachers of K-12 educationcan develop therir own K-12 learning appwhere, you can have your own digital resources more effectively. K-12 learning management system in our e-khool software helps your K-12 Studentsto attend online classes anywhere at any time using any device through virtual classrooms hosted by K-12 teachers. Our e-khoolsoftwareprovides the best LMS for schools with blended learning and offers K-12 learning app to deliver the animated videos to demonstrate the concepts visually. To reinforce learning, our K-12 Learning Management System provides immediate feedback for the assessments conducted to make the students more interactive and facilitates practical skills to students of K-12 education through videos, simulations, scenarios, and assessments.

  • school

    International schools

    The international school follows the International curriculum protocols to build their students familiar with global standards of education. e-khool, the best learning management system delivers K-12 learning app to the International schools bymeeting all the requirements needed as per your international school standard.

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    Cambridge schools

    Qualification in Cambridge schools is universally accepted and recognized. This is a unique UK government authorized program. To meet the quality learning of Cambridge schools, we e-khool, the leading and best learning management system offer a K-12 learning app for Cambridge schools to deliver their own learning materials of the subjects.

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    CBSE Schools

    CBSE schools offers the central level of education to students. Our e-khool LMS delivers you the K-12 learning app to the CBSE schools which helps the K-12 education of CBSE schoolsto achieve the best performance score among students. You can develop your own edutek company with the help of your own learning resources.

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    ICSE schools

    Indian Certificate of Secondary Education(ICSE) is a board exam conducted by private school education in India. Our e-khool LMS software affords K-12 learning management system to the ICSE schools which encompasses the needed courses and information related to the ICSE examination by putting your own digital assets.

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    State board schools

    State board curriculum is developed by the particular state governments' educational departments. In the state board syllabus, more importance is given to a regional subject. We e-khool, the best learning management system, help the State board schools to develop their own K-12 learning app to create the classes as per the state government rules.

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    IGCSE Schools

    IGCSE School board is a kind of school which is much focused on critical thinking, problem solving skills and logical reasoning. The interactive exercises and the practical assignments are the daily tasks of these kinds of schools. These challenges give one stop solution via e-khool LMS software by making their own learning app.

K-12 LMS Features

As you are running a school, you can easily publish an online learning app for your students by making use of K-12 e-khool LMS software. We offered wide range of features set to own your branded learning app for your school students.

Admin LMS Features

Admin of e-khool LMS software supervise the performance of a learning management system and direct the K-12 Learning app in organizing courses, uploading content, managing the video courses, conducting live classes and setting up an elite path for learning.

Marketing LMS features

e-khool supports to market the course content related to the subject area as per the particular school standard. Our marketing features are branding, offering coupon codes to get the course discount, integrating youtube channels, promoting your business-related videos.

Analytics LMS features

Our e-khool LMS supports the schools to take the analytics report in the form of exams, program, bundle, courses, assignment, feedback, activity, and cumulative program and also, it will be visualized more stunning manner for easily analyzing it.

Learning LMS Features

e-khool software has a high-standard K-12 learning app that is unprompted and intuitive for the user. Easy of resources, mobile learning support, blended learning, assessment, and verification, tracking and recording, customization are essential learning features of e-khool LMS.

Security LMS features

We e-khool have confined the clients learning content through well-advanced encryption standards and the learning contents with 100% confidentiality. Some of the security features of our e-khool learning management system are video encryption, screen protection, document privacy.

Important LMS features

Some other important featuresthat should be concentrated by the course creator of the K-12 learning app are white-labeling, offline downloads of videos and documents, fully customizable website builder, auto-upgrade & maintenance, social login, OTP login, customization of initial user entry.

Get answers for k12 favorable questions

  • What is K-12 Learning app?

    The K-12 learning app was introduced to change the teaching and learning mode of students and teachers. This builds a good support and collaboration between teachers and students. For that e-khool LMS afford you the best K-12 Learning app to develop and improve the knowledge and performance of students. K-12 LMS in our e-khool software promotes the online educational system of India.

  • What is K-12 LMS?

    K-12 LMSis more expedient for K-12 education for effective learning where our e-khool software the best Learninglearning management system delivers a K-12 learning app to streamline learning and teaching in K-12 education. The student can also access additional resources with the help of K-12 LMS in our e-khool learning management system and also teachers get more time to handle the topics which provides a clear idea about the topic to the students. With the help of e-khool LMS,K-12 Learning Management System also brings forth tools for assessments in which results will be in predefined metrics.

How to start online classes with K-12 Learning app?

Online classes are becoming an available way for learners and educators to share and obtain new skills.To start your online classes with the K-12 learning app some of the guidance are listed below:


Choose the right and the best platform



Online course Idea generation and validation



Outline creation for the course



Selection of learning methods



Upload the course


Which LMS is best for schools?


e-khool, the best learning management system that permits K-12 learning app to easily bring their courses online. The AI-Powered platform manages the courses easily with the help of a dashboard. To make the productive and effective, we e-khool LMS software deliver you the best K-12 LMS for the studentsof K-12 education.


Schoology app helps you set up lessons and exposes daily tasks and reminders among students. Assignments include discussions and quiz sessions.


It prioritizes social learning and its interface can be customized to resemble popular social tools.


Lead delivers guaranteed learning management system relevant to curriculum subjects and real-time operation tracking.


Kitaboo delivers content with multimedia images. This is a cloud-based e-learning platform that helps to create and deliver training content.

Which LMS is best for schools?
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