e-khool - LMS for Celebrities

LMS for celebrities

Celebrities instantly teach their domain knowledge to the beginners though online learning and can improve their business in multiple by starting own online academy with the help of advanced online training platform.

The online learning management system based on the e-khool consists of professional celebrities like doctors, chefs, engineers, teachers, scientists, and businesses. The celebrities from various domains make the learner more knowledgeable in the respective fields.

Doctors: The learners enrolled in the online learning platform for clinical training get more updated knowledge of techniques and experience through the e-khool celebrities that integrate the theory with practice. Learners can see the evidence behind the action, which promotes clinical reasoning.

Engineers: The traditional teaching method requires material, circuit diagrams, network diagrams, process diagrams, and flowcharts. The LMS software online academy provides the soft book materials; the programs simulation software is used to understand network diagrams better. e-khool provides the animations and visualizations techniques to demonstrate the working and functioning of a circuit that enhances knowledge easily.

Chef: The online teaching platform provides several online cooking courses, culinary courses through cooking celebrities. They provide the latest techniques and technologies used in culinary for knowledge improvement. For example, the knife skill training course in the online learning platform provides the different knives, knife safety, cutting equipment, precision cuts, and so on are explained practically through the expert collaborated with e-khool.

Business: The business skills are quickly changing the On-demand learning is the only way to keep up. The business experts collaborated with e-khool provide tips for improving the business based on recent skills and the strategy for improving the business. The experts' online motivational programs and skill training promote the employees to achieve the organizational goals.

Top companies choose e-khool to build in-demand online academy.
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