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LMS for Academies

e-khool elearning platform is an one stop solution for virtual learning and online academy can be built with lower cost and lesser time with advanced features of top learning management system software.

e-khool learning management system provides the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs and development programs. The learning management system is used to administer, document, track, report, and deliver educational courses or training programs.

Course Friendly: The contents of several courses in the e-khool learning management system are improved by importing valuable materials from the web. All results with extensive reports provide for various kinds of quizzes, tests, and questions. The learning contents in the online teaching platform delivered focused on the learners who are engaged in conflict and what theme they need more in-depth instruction.

Learning Friendly: In training, courses are assigned in exact order based on the users' attributes and needs. The learner's commitment is improved by combining instructor-led training and content of online learning with teleconference that makes the e-khool learner friendly.

Enterprise Friendly: The activities of the archived system in the e-khool LMS are reviewed and accessed using audit logs, and the custom reports are produced within the portal on any object, user or action. Courses and curriculums in the learning management system are assigned to develop their track closely and depend on the trainees' exact skills.

Customization: Similar kinds of engagement are offered with the solutions of custom online learning by offering real-life scenarios, which are appropriate to the learner's jobs. A connection with the content drives learners to be encouraged to learn and improves retention. The user-friendly interface can deliver the readable and interactable learning contents accurately what the learners must know, nothing more or less by the e-khool LMS.

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