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e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

Professional training and coaching

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

UPSC coaching

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

IIT JEE Coaching

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

NEET coaching

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

SSC coaching

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

Software coaching

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

GATE coaching

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

IBPS coaching

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

CAT coaching

e-khool LMS helps the universities to easily transform their offline teaching method into online university

IELTS/TOEFL coaching



Coaching LMS

For the learning exigency of your institution, we, e-khool LMS the best LMS software offer you the platform to create the astonishing online coaching academy and make your e-learners productive and effective. We provide an online Learning platform for coaching academies to undergo live classes and upload a prep test engine prepared by your online academy. With the help of oure-khool LMS software,you can market your online coaching academy all over the world. AIRA, an AI learning assistance used in our e-khool LMS enhance all facet of learning circumstance and promote improved performance. By partnering with e-khool LMS, you get a supportive technology leader along with AI to record your track and back it up. We are also ready to partner with an online coaching academy to deliver your best to e-learners. We are the best LMS for coaching academies proven as the cost-effective and profitable platform to promote your coaching academy in our e-khool LMSsoftware.

Looking for a complete solution for your coaching academy?

Our e-khool LMS platform supports a coaching application that enhances the personalized delivery of your training content. e-khool LMS helps the coaching academies to provide a cloud-based online learning platform that delivers interactive multimedia content and online courses to the learners. With the help of our e-khool LMS software, online coaching academy can offer 100% attention to trainers with less distortion. e-khool LMS software provides a Coaching learning management system, through which online academies can help e-learners to build their self-confidence by discovering new innovative ideas and skills. Our e-khool LMS software acts as a platform to ensure that training experts in your online academy will make e-learners focus ontheir goals and motivate them to reach their goals.

Our e-khool LMS delivers a unified online coaching academyby which learners can make their learning program easy. To achieve greater effectiveness we, the best LMS for coaching academies help online academies to gain more learners. Our e-khool LMS software provides an online coaching platform that helps the learners of your online academyto become masters of their respective disciplines. We ensure that our e-khool, the best LMS software for coaching academies will high in quality and standard.

Challenges in running an online coaching academy

Nowadays, students/learners were facing problems accessing the materials. We e-khool, the best LMS for an online academy help you to create and deliver your own coaching app with course-related materials. Some of the challenges faced in online coaching are listed below.

  • Selecting the right LMS software

  • import_contacts

    Content publishing

  • security

    Security concerns

  • ondemand_video

    Predetermined learning environments

  • Data privacy

  • smart_display

    Content creation

  • schedule

    Managerial cost and time to setup

  • person

    End-user support

How e-khool helpful online coaching?

Our e-khool LMS software helps the training professions of your coaching academy to deliver the course material and online classes. Also, e-khool coaching learning management system helps the online academies to deliver their digital assets securely. To reinforce learning, our e-khool LMS software provide immediate feedback for the assessments conducted by the online academy. With our coaching learning management system, coaching academies can facilitate practical skills to learners through videos, simulations, scenarios, and assessments.

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    Professional training and coaching

    The skillset needed for an aspirant is time management, interactive communication, writing essays, procrastination, managing exam anxiety, preparing for exams, self-motivation. In oure-khool LMS, professional training and coachingcenters can create their own online coaching appand deliver their valuable learning materials to the aspirants.

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    UPSC coaching

    In India UPSC, Union Public Service Commission is the toughest exam for millions of applicants to crack. Our e-khool LMS software, one of the leading and best coaching learning management systems helps your online coaching app to deliver the best study materials to the candidates of UPSC exams.

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    SSC coaching

    In e-khool LMS software, online SSC coaching academies deliver the study materials, lecture classes, and assessments for all the SSC Staff Selection Commission Exams viz, SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level), SSC CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level), SSC CPO (Central Police Organization) candidates through both web and mobile.

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    IBPS coaching

    Our e-khool coaching learning management system helps your IBPS coaching academy directly to launch the online coaching app to create and deliver interactive classes for the candidate preparing for IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) bank exams. The exam app will be double boost to the academies to make competitive students

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    CAT coaching

    CAT (Common Admission Test) exam is conducted to get admission in premier Business school and also considered as an entrance exam for Master of Business Administration. e-khool LMS software offers CAT coaching academies to deliver all the needed study materials, like videos, live sessions, documents and exams.

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    IIT JEE Coaching

    JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is conducted as an entrance exam for Top Engineering Colleges like IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). This exam is conducted to judge the aspirants' analytical ability. Wee-khool,the best learning management system help the IIT JEE coachingacademies to create and conduct online classes related to IIT JEE exams.

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    NEET coaching

    NEET was conducted as an entrance exam for the students willing to pursue Undergraduate medical (MBBS), dental (BDS) courses in government and private colleges. To crack the NEET exam, we, the leading and best coaching learning management system offer an online app to your NEET coaching academy for delivering you a wholesome idea.

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    Software coaching

    If you want to become a millionaire in software coaching, our e-khool LMS software, delivers you the online application needed to achieve your desire. You can teach your students and deliver your software skills to form the world's best online academy through our learning platform. You can deliver your classes in both web and mobile applications

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    IELTS/TOEFL coaching

    The IELTS and TOEFL are the exams conducted to test the English language proficiency of aspirants for global migration. We, the best learning management system, offer an online coaching appto the IELTS/TOEFL coachingcentersthat provides prepmaterial required to crack the IETLS/TOEFL.

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    GATE coaching

    GATE (The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exam is conducted for getting a job in Premier institutions. e-khool LMS software offers GATE coaching academies to deliver all the needed study material in the form of Lectures, video classes, and live classes and it were offered by the online coaching app in e-khool LMS platform.

Coaching LMS Features

e-khool LMS comes up with a variety of feature set to build your online coaching academy. You can enjoy our bulk features of admin, marketing, analytics, learning, security and important features through the coaching LMS offered by e-khool LMS software.

Admin LMS Features

Admin portal of e-khool LMS software guide the academies in managing courses, uploading content, and setting up an exclusive path for learning. Admin portal offers one drive portal to handle all the questions and also, the questions are placed under category label to fetch it easily for the exams.

Marketing LMS features

With the help of advanced features built within our e-khool LMS software for the online coaching platform, e-khool extends the hands to market the course content through it. Our marketing features are branding, offering coupon codes to get the course discount, integrating youtube channels and so on.

Analytics LMS features

In an online coaching academy,the important part of admin is to generate learners' and teachers' performance reports and analyze them to take further required action. Our e-khool LMS platform supports the exam, program, assignment, feedback, activity, and cumulative program-based analytics features.

Learning LMS Features

e-khool hasa high-quality coaching LMS that is spontaneous and intuitive for the user. Easy of resources, mobile learning support, blended learning, assessment, and verification, tracking and recording, revison, continue from where you left and customization are basic learning features of LMS.

Security LMS features

We,e-khool LMS software have protected the clients learning content through advanced encryption standards and the learning contents are 100% confidential. Some of the security features of our e-khool online coaching platform are video encryption & security, video capture protection and screen protection.

Important LMS features

Some other important featuresthat should be focused by the course creator of the online coaching academy are white-labeling, offline downloads of videos, offline download of documents, fully customizable website builder, auto-upgrade & maintenance, social login, OTP login, customization of initial user entry.

Get answers for coaching lms favorable questions

  • What is coaching LMS?

    Coaching LMS is a software application that delivers a structure for handling and maintaining all aspects of the learning process like hosting, deploying and tracking training content. This provides continuous learning through collaborative and social features. We,e-khool the best coaching learning management systemoffers user-friendly access provides a platform for teaching and learning without the time and distance restrictions. Our e-khool coaching LMS supports higher-order learning and offers consistent content delivery.

  • What is a coaching app?

    Nowadays, students are in search of finding out easier and effortless ways to continue their education. They want to learn from someone who can teach them anywhere at any time. Everyone, from school students to veterans in the industry, has a thirst for this self-study. Therefore, coaching apps are developed and that helps to manage business administration and provide well-being to learners/users. Coaching appsare more convenient for users to use anywhere at any time. So, for effective learning, e-khool LMS software delivers a coaching app which is one of the best ways to attain the electronic way of communication. In the coaching app, there are more program, classes, assessment, and trainers which helps the learner/users to succeed in their respective area of interest.

  • Is coaching LMS helping to build online courses?

    Coaching LMS delivers the learning content to active learners. It is a daunting task to run an online academy which includes the tasks such as managing multiple systems, content library, documents, schedules, assessments, etc. For tracking and managing those things,Online coaching LMS is preferred. We,e-khool the best LMS softwareis the best solution and directly integrate your coaching methodologieswith online.

How to start an online academy?

Online academies are becoming an accessible way for learners and educators to share and acquire new skills. To start your online academy, some of the guidance offered by e-khool LMS are listed below:


Choose the right and best platform: With the help of the online learning platform and LMS, it's very easy and effortless to build your online academy. it's very much important to choose LMS for creating and offering online courses.



Online course idea generation and validation: In this process, it's necessary to identify the course competitor and describe how your online course differs from other offered courses. Create unique content which makes the learners engage and learn new things.



Outline creation for the course: Initially, create the outline of your course which helps to brainstorm your ideas and refer to more documents to prepare the suitable course.



Selection of learning methods: The type of content, activities, and format of the online academy will be identified by the blended approach you have preferred.



Upload the course and get the learners: Once you finish preparing the documents, videos, blogs, you can upload them to the learning platform and get the learners.


Best LMS for coaching academies?


e-khool, the best learning management system is a well-designed LMS software that permits online academies to bring their courses online easily. We, the best coaching learning management system offers more than 100 features and its courses can be easily managed using the dashboard with the help of our AI-Powered platform.


This provides online classes and test preparation materials and helps to get jobs in the government and public sectors.


This allows creating and selling online classes for competitive exams. This helps to fulfill the need of learners with the help of available resources.

TG Campus

TG campus provides high-standard online courses designed to help students learn, motivate and improve performance.

TCY Online

TCY Online offers things that grow your business. Also, provide exam materials for competitive exams.

Domain Racer

Through domain racer, the tutor delivers all the materials regarding competitive exams and learners can easily access the video courses by enrolling in the Domain Racer LMS.

Best LMS for coaching academies?
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