e-khool - Analytic Features of best LMS software

Best LMS Analytics Features

Learner and teacher's performance report are ultimately important for the admin to analyse and take the further course of action. e-khool supports the following analytics features.

  1. Program View Analytics
    • View and analyze each programs enrolled in the institute or group
    • Filter option to view particular program report of the institute, group or learner
    • Search option to easy find
    • Export the reports if wanted
  2. Exam View Analytics
    • View and analyze the exams reports of the learners enrolled
    • Filter option to view exam report of the learners from particular institute or group
    • Extract exam results of the learners for each program
  3. Assignment View Analytics
    • Able to review and analyze the task files
    • Filter option to view task file report of the learners from particular institute or group
    • Assignment report list of the learners with title and the program name
    • Name of the learner, register number, submitted date, mark, grade and status for each assignment
    • Evaluate assignment and assign grade and mark for each task
    • Evaluation status with assigned trainer name and evaluated date
    • Send remarks to the learner from assignment feedback
    • Export Assignment report to the system
  4. Feedback Analytics
    • Program feedbacks with program name, like and dislike counts and expiry date
    • Program performance report for each program with number of likes and dislikes and validity
    • Extract each report from the feedback analytics based on overall performance of the institute
  5. Activity analytics
    • Activity analytics for each and every learners, trainers and admin enrolled
    • Activity status with name of the user, role, activity done and date
  6. Cumulative program backup
    • Cumulative program backup of the learners enrolled and completed for each program
    • Automatic backup of each programs
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