e-khool - Admin Features of e-khool LMS software

Best Admin Features

e-khool admin features ensure the course creation and its corresponding settings dynamically from the backend. The detailed LMS features are listed out below

  1. Dashboard
    • Dashboard with greetings and featured calendar
    • Home, institute, trainer, learner, group, programs, analytics, revisions, bundles, testimonials and game zone in the menu bar
    • Visualization count of programs enrolled
    • Visualization count of learners enrolled for each programs
    • Visualization count of Institutes included
    • Visualization count of trainers assigned for the programs
    • Graphical representation for program enrolled vs completed
    • Chart of top learners and top programs enrolled
    • Bell Icon for text notifications
    • Profile, payment and category settings
  2. Course Module
    • List of enrolled programs with filter option
    • Program name, price, validity and status for each programs
    • Delete, disable and enable option for each programs
    • Settings option for each program enrolled
    • Customize the title, program profile, short description and over view for each program
    • Category selection, payment amount and program tag can be selected
    • Customize duration of the program, learner duration and learning hours per day
    • Assign trainers to the programs and enlist learners into the group
    • Notice board, Chat box, analytics, review & ratings, SEO settings in More Menu
    • Select programs chapter wise
    • Create new lessons and upload materials with the help of instructions given
    • Active or inactive status with edit option for each program
    • Drag and drop to order lessons, topics and materials
    • Upload Scorm files, mp3, mp4, pdf, doc/docx, ppt/pptx, xls/xlsx materials
    • Add topics, rename and enable/disable options for each lesson
    • Assignment, Exam Hall, Live class sessions can be created
    • Html material, YouTube link, vimeo for better learning
    • Save video materials for future study
    • Disable/enable and settings option for each materials
    • Outline and preview for each material in the program
  3. Learner Module
    • Enrolled learners with register number, institute name and status
    • Select learner by searching and filtering
    • Profile setting, message option, disable/enable options for each learners
    • Add learners into the group and program directly
    • Add learners one by one or can be imported from the system
    • Extract details of each learners
  4. Institute Module
    • Enrolled institutes with name of the institute, code, group and learner count, contact number and status
    • Customize institute name, contact information and profile image
    • Create, import and export institutes in the admin panel
  5. Trainer Module
    • Enrolled trainers with name, email address, role and status
    • Search and filter option to find the trainer
    • Add trainer and import option
    • Profile setting, messaging, disable/enable option and add program for each trainer
  6. Group Learning
    • Create groups for group learning
    • Groups with group name, institution name, learner count and status
    • Add learners and edit option for each group
    • Search group by its name
  7. Question Module
    • Questions bank with question type
    • Create or import questions from files
    • Question manager to create and edit the categories
    • Create Super category, main category and sub category
    • Filter option to categorize the questions by its type
    • Single choice, multiple choice, subjective and filling the blanks question types
    • Question type, hardness level, category selection, score setting and annotation for each questions
    • Insert flowcharts, diagrams, images, tabular columns and formulas in questions
    • Customize font size and format for each questions
    • View each questions with its answer, marks and explanation of the answer
  8. Exam Hall
    • Create your own exam hall for mock tests and subjective type exams
    • Rules and Guidelines to instruct the learners for each exam
    • Title, Duration, Marks, Attempts permitted, Exam date and Time can be set
    • Customize Question Pattern, Acknowledgement, Display Analytics, Exam Restrictions and Exam Results
    • Add questions one by one with editing option
    • Upload or import questions from the selected files
    • Print questions and extract option
    • Listed questions with question type, edit and delete option
    • Negative score and positive score setting
    • Recommended materials for exams can be given
    • Save and enable option for each exam
  9. Session for Revision
    • Revision list with title, definition, video and current status
    • Upload mp4 files for revision
    • Revisions can be filtered and searched by title of the revision
    • View questions included and enable/disable option for each program
  10. Pages
    • Pages along with page name, slug, and date
    • Update pages by using edit option 
    • Remove pages by deleting
  11. Package Deals (Bundle)
    • Bundle courses with name, amount, validity and status
    • Settings, Enable/disable and delete option for each package courses
    • Restore Deleted packages from deleted bundle option
    • Sort bundles by active and inactive
  12. Game Zone
    • Enable or disable knowledge based games for learners
    • Listed games with group name, game type, active/inactive status and date
    • Each game have edit and rename option
    • View and edit questions for puzzle games
    • Timing and marks for quiz type games
    • Restore deleted games from deleted games
  13. Profile Settings
    • Profile image for Admin can be set
    • Admin's personal details such as name, contact information, location, and languages, can be customized
  14. Category Manager
    • Super category, main and sub category for each program
    • Edit and delete option for each category
    • Move categories from one category to another category
  15. Payment Details
    • Display payment details with learner’s name, program name, transaction ID, date, amount and payment status
    • Filter payment information based on the learner's name, curriculum, date, and status
  16. Storage Details
    • Chart diagram for total storage and total space occupied
    • Storage details will be shown in view details
    • Active/inactive and deleted status of each program, organizer, learners and trainers  enrolled
  17. Support
    • Immediate assistance from technical team if facing any issues technically
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