Vignan IAS Academy

Vignan IAS Academy is the pioneer UPSC (Civil Services) coaching institute in India as it gives a well-planned direction to crack the UPSC exams. The systematic teaching approaches in this institute are entrenched with some time tested principles, which can enable the students to know the basics and also promote them to cross-examine the facts and ideas without believing them blindly. Their attempt is not only to offer a roadmap for the students to achieve their dream of entering the civil services, but also to support them along with their journey to become the IAS officer by tracking their individual progress and making course corrections.

Challenges faced in coaching

  • Adaptability: A major challenge experienced by the students from the Vignan IAS academy is to adapt to an online learning environment. Due to covid-19 pandemic issues, learners were not able to adapt to the computer based learning. Students with the traditional classroom mindset were not able to concentrate on online learning platforms. Hence, the challenge lies in accepting the new advanced learning platform with an open mind to experience advanced learning performance.
  • Technical Issues: Many of the students do not have a high speed internet connection for online learning purposes. Due to this issue, they faced trouble in utilizing virtual learning and other learning platforms as these platforms required fast internet connection. They also faced technical issues as they are not much aware of computer applications and technology. Due to poor internet connectivity, the learners faced difficulty in downloading the information based on subject, blurred videos, etc. Hence, the major challenge in attending the online classes without missing any live sessions and avoiding technical issues.
  • Time Management: In several cases, students experienced difficulty in handling their time in online learning. Online learning requires intensive effort to work and is completely new for them to use. A programmed planner is required by the students to handle their learning time in an efficient manner. Online learning offers flexible time unlike traditional classrooms. They also find it difficult to adjust the learning time required for online learning.
  • Distraction: A main challenge associated in coaching is learning from home. Learning from home is an excellent experience, wherein the learners expect the things around them to be like a school campus. Learning from home was different. For example, learners want a massive classroom, parks, playgrounds, canteens, friends and teachers around them to guide and learn. However, the online learning process managed the learning in one room with their parents around them so that the learners were easily distracted by small incidents happened at home.

Solution offered through online learning management system

To overcome Adaptability

Using e-khool lms, adaptive learning is successfully developed based on the ideas of artificial intelligence for the individuals to use and adjust their contents when they need. This type of learning system offers personalised courses to identify their weakness and also to enhance their strengths for efficient learning outcomes.

To overcome Technical Issues

It is necessary to have  ahigh-speed internet connection at home, so that the e-khool team technical experts resolves the technical issues related to software tools and also offers technical support for internet connection.

To overcome time management Issues

The e-khool lms can effectively handle the time management problems by setting reminder and time for learning.  This strategy helps the learners to remind their schedules and policies for better time management. This software is incorporated in mobile applications for the instructors and learners to connect to the LMS interface for enhanced learning purposes.

To avoid distractions

Several mobile platforms are available to recommend improved services for communication and entertainment among the learners. These platforms help the learners to set the break time and also enable them to concentrate on learning as scheduled to avoid the online class sessions.

Client testimonial

Using e-khool software, the Vignan IAS academy achieved more benefits by providing more advanced facilities for the learners. It also offered advanced technologies and applications to perform effectual learning strategies.