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Top notching tool to create interactive videos inbuilt with e-khool LMS Software

Interactive Videos are a terrific complement to e-Learning world on a whole new level. What for? Just because some learners may become tired while reading articles or watching lecture videos. Keeping this in mind, creating interactive videos is a great approach to making the user experience more interesting and less repetitive. Top interactive video platforms can attract readers more than just reading an article. This is the reason that e-khool LMS software has the in-built top-notching tool to create interactive videos.

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Interactive Video Editor

Interactive Video Course Authoring Software is the most user-friendly feature in e-khool LMS software. In e-khool LMS software, the Interactive video creator tool helps the authors to create, edit, display, and publish interactive videos and even supports publishing on the Flipbook. Importantly, Interactive Video Editor helps the authors to create the video's chapters and thereby, allowing them to embed the quizzes in between the videos to more user engaging.

Including interactive video editing within courses can entertain and boost the engagement between the user and the material. Animated interactive videos can level up the interaction as well as enhance the memory power of the learner. Most people hate reading but enjoy watching videos By watching the interactive video, it can be easily remembered and the contents can be set in people's minds at the same time.

Importance of Interactive Videos for user engagement

Collaborate: Interactive Video takes teaching and learning experiences to the next level with the top interactive video platform to simplify the learning method. e-khool learning management platform has its own interactive video editing tool and hosting within LMS courses.

User Retention: Interactive video conveys a sense of user control, decision making and user orientation. The videos are composed of selected knowledge gaps to personalize the learning experience.

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Video Course Authoring Software to Create Video Chapters for Interactive Videos

Video Course Authoring Software allows to create the video chapters that split video contents into segments and every its summary. Video chapters provide more information and explanation to each segment of the content, as well as allow you to effortlessly replay different sections of the video. Video chapters are perfect for Interactive videos when you already have a video clip that you would like to enhance with interactive components.

Create best video learning materials through highly advanced Vide Course Authoring Software

Adding in-depth content such as photos, tables, text and links that the learner may interact with it during video playback can assist differentiated learning. Importantly, e-khool LMS software allows to the addition of multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, and drag and drop queries and summaries to the video chapter to provide learners with problems to solve at any moment during the learning.

Five Steps to Create Interactive Videos

Five easy steps to create interactive videos within e-khool LMS.

  • Select the video that you want to make interactive from the device.
  • Use drag and drop button to segment the video into video chapters
  • Embed the interactive activity (Like embedding quizzes) after every video chapter
  • Add notes if required for every video chapter
  • Preview the interactive video.

Readymade answers to all your questions

Interactive video is a digital multimedia presentation that supports user interaction within videos. Interactive video software is mainly useful to create video chapters and thereby, allows to embed the quizzes within video chapters.

e-khool LMS has a unique interactive video creation tool that allows administrators to create interactive videos, where quizzes can be embedded.

Yes, you have complete control to do video analytics where, the video chapters can be simply created through drag and drop within videos.

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