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An interactive quiz is a kind of material that allows users to engage in the assessment through forums, videos, and concept documents. There is no other better method to get learners engaged in studying than to use interactive quizzes in the curriculum. A quiz or interactive exam allowed end things with typical teaching tactics and wake up students with something dynamic and interesting, making it ideal for both reviewing student's learning and just varying the course materials.

e-khool has assessment module with interactive exam tool for better analysis of students
Better learner engagement experienced through Online Interactive Quiz Maker

Content that supports Interactive Mock Exam with Online Interactive Quiz Maker

Discussion Forum: Online hubs called "forums" where users post messages and start discussions about specific topics

In the context of education, online discussion forums are usually built into learning management systems.

Video: Interactive video is a digital multimedia presentation that supports user interaction within the video. Interactive video software is mainly useful for creating video chapters. This allows you to embed quiz questions into video chapters.

Document: Interactive Document is a program that converts a standard PDF into a sophisticated interactive flipbook. Multiple features of interactive documents assist in simply transmitting your paper to combine videos, photographs and links.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of interactive quiz software:

Easy evaluation: As Interactive Exam Software moves online, organizations slowly reduce the assessment process. An automated grading process allows students to get faster feedback and easily assess their exam results. Interactive quizzes help students to complete quizzes efficiently and in a timely manner. Learners can take quizzes until they understand concepts clearly.

Collaborative Access: Online Quiz Maker helps improve the ability of collaboration between learners and users in many ways. Creating interactive quiz exams such as multiple-choice, true-false, short-answer, and fill-in-the-blank quizzes give users a more collaborative learning experience. Online quizzes or an alternative way to easily understand concepts and provide instant feedback.

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Why Quizzes and Games in an Interactive examination management system?

Quizzes do not only have to be used to test students and games do not have to be only used to pass the time or give kids a break, both would be utilized as a part of an organized lesson plan or to break up the daily routine.

e-khool provides more reliable Interactive examination management system with best analytics feature

In the online interactive quiz, the possibility of examining the student's comprehension, enhancing the learner's interaction, accelerating the retention of knowledge, and making tedious topics more entertaining is possible. Also, the assessment leads to customized training to the learners and trainer perspective as well.

Steps to create online quiz

Five Steps to create online interactive quiz:

  • Define the Quiz Type
  • Create questions by selecting the category and the quiz type
  • Embed the answer options and provide answer explanations
  • Embed videos in Quiz Questions and interactive quizzes
  • Create a space for question discussion form

Get answers to your FAQs regarding Online Quiz Maker:

An interactive quiz is a kind of material that allows users to get the final result of what they were looking for by simply answering a few questions. So, users can analyze a little more about their personality and knowledge of the topic.

Yes, you can able to conduct an interactive assessment within the video where the assessment can be embedding in every topic.

Yes, e-khool allows the learners to have a discussion form in every question to enquire about the doubts.

e-khool LMS allows you to create interactive quizzes which supports the subjective type, objective type, fill in the blanks, comprehensive type and integer type questions.

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