Security: ISO standard, GDPR Compliant, Registered and trademark organization

e-khool Security ISO

The primary focus of the e-khool LMS provider should be to keep your data safe. As a learning management system deals with important user and company information, it should require safety protocol to ensure the safety of the information. The online learning management system provides security through the ISO standard, GDPR complaint, registered and trademark organization.

ISO standard: The standardization of the online learning management system ensures the safety and quality of operations by providing the guidelines to meet learners' and consumer's expectations. The ISO certification for the online training management system ensures the compliance training more efficiently within the scheduled time automatically with proper system configuration. Our company has been assessed ad found to the requirement of ISO 9001:2015 for the scope of Learning Management System, Web and Mobile applications developments, educational institutes, corporate training center, coaching institutes for skill development academies, Publishing platforms.

GDPR Compliant: The online learning management system has the ethical duty to ensure the safety of the information with the principles of availability, privacy, integrity, and confidentiality. It means safeguarding the information is the responsibility of LMS and should be provided to those who can access it. Our LMS completed the GDPR compliance and it follows the guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from learners.

Registered and Trademark organization: The LMS e-khool has trademark protection. The law obligates trademark owners to police their trademarks and prevent the use of confusingly similar names by third parties that means the e-khool-related organization can use the brand name and is restricted to third parties.

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