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The online exam app powered by the e-khool is the best online test tool with best analytic tool. The online exam app in the LMS software online academy is user-friendly and easy to operate. The online exam app is very useful for the competitive exams aspirants and school students to prepare for the exams. The online exam app mobile supports many devices like android, iPhone, Tablet, Laptop, etc. The registered learner can attend the test from anywhere in the scheduled time based on the notification. After submitting the exam, the right answer, wrong answer, and the percentage scored are obtained through the detailed analytic report of the LMS.

Time and cost-effectiveness: The traditional exams require question papers, answer sheets, faculty for invigilation, logistics, and other expenses. The online exam app of the e-khool LMS saves the time spent on these materials and saves the cost.

Fast results and self-analysis: The online learning platform through the e-khool learning management system provides the results immediately after submitting the answer sheets. Also, the detailed analytic report identifies the strength and the weak areas, and the area of lagging can be improved.

Hassle-free assessment: The online exam through the online learning platform makes the faculty to create question banks and upload necessary files, documents, and media under them. The exams are conducted with few clicks that make the e-khool based online exam app as user friendly.

Smart Proctoring: The AI-infused intelligent cheating prevention system of the e-khool LMS helps to prevent suspicious activity during exams. online teaching platform with auto surveillance mode with web cameras connected to the system that acts as an invigilator taking snapshots of the student during his exam. This helps in assuring that the right student takes up the test and in the right way.

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