Do you want your academy to be included in the top 5 academies list? Boost your academy with e-khool learning platform

JAN 05, 2021

Do you want your academy to be included in the top 5 academies list?

e-khool assists your academy in attaining a high level of success.

Abinaya J S

There are numerous academies found all over the world, but only few of them are of high ranking. If you want your academy to attain high level, you need to access an e-learning platform on your academy. An online academy requires a high quality e-learning platform with all of the necessary features. If you want your academy to be the best and number one in the world, you must use an e-learning platform to raise it’s standards.

Choose an ideal learning management system like e-khool for your online academy is the right choice to build your own branded online academy. e-khool has 200+ clients, 1000+ institutes, 10,000+ trainers and over millions of learners. By comparing to other e-learning platforms, e-khool is unique and scattered with lots of features. When comparing to Google classroom and Moodle, e-khool is much better because of the 100+features. e-khool works with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyze learners performance through grade chart and performance graph automatically.

e-khool is a popular e-learning platform in your own domain and academy name. Moodle requires much technical understanding, but e-khool is user friendly and easy to handle. In Moodle, viewing videos posted by administration depends on integration with Google Drive platform which is another drawback of Moodle, but on other hand, e-khool has no such tough way as you can directly view videos, PDF and other materials easily.

An academy with e-learning platform must need video conferencing functionalities. e-khool is incorporated with video conferencing via third party applications like zoom, GoToMeeting and Team. Relatively, e-khool provides both the website and mobile application in high standard and quality. The speed of operation is also too good in e-khool due to highly scalable architecture.  e-khool provides both e-mail gateway and SMS gateway through that you can directly sent e-mails and messages from your e-learning academy.

e-khool have multiple third party integration option and unlimited users can be added. Also, e-khool automate course enrollment through admin portal and it contains course enrollment & student enrollment. You can see more than 100+ features in five different categories such as, admin features, learning features, marketing features, security features, important features. Most important section in academies is current affairs, e-khool provides separate option for creating current affairs. Also, e-khool provides separate chat option for each course. In e-khool, admin or tutor can able to enroll students, so that it can deny spam entry. About the storage, e-khool allows to add bulk quantity of contents with more advanced security features.

Top companies choose e-khool to build in-demand online academy.
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