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e-khool combines the list of courses related to several domains in single platform with detailed information that makes the user to easily select the required course. The online course listing websites includes the list of all the courses available in the learning management system. It is the directory of courses that comprises several catalogs of courses. Each catalog in the learning management system contains different categories, custom taxonomies, and unique filters to help learners browse courses. For each course, the course summary, fee, service provider details, course number, delivery methods, the course duration, and the address are available for each category of courses in the course listing website of LMS.

More course enrollment: The higher course enrollment is the highest priority for the course seller. The online learning platform lists the courses, and the required course is selected from the course listing websites, and the enrollment is made by registration in e-khool platform. The more detailed informative course has a higher probability of enrolling.

Course delivery: The responsibility of the online learning platform is to deliver the course to the learner. The LMS provides the capability to the learner to choose the trainer from the list of trainers. The expert trains the learners through the latest techniques and makes them shine in a particular area.

Collaboration: The online teaching platform provides a higher level of learning by collaborating with the best service providers that make more enrollments of learners. The learning management system collaborated with best-certified institutions elevates the enrollment rate.

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