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Need: The course builder is one of the functions of the e-khool that makes the learners to create the course through LMS. The course builder of the LMS generates the content for the online learning platform. The content may be in the form of audio, video, text, and presentations. The course builder on the LMS software online academy provides the course content, assessments, and learning experiences all in one platform to view the entire course.

Knowledge retention: The online learning platform plays the knowledge retention role of the learner by making the learner as more active through the easy updates of the existing courses.

Improve learner participation: The course builder allows the learners to build the professional courses online by a single step in one platform. The learners can share their thoughts and interact with the inline comment within the online learning context. Also, in the Learning management system, the learners can create sticky notes for reference.

Resource Maximization: The online LMS enriches the resource with limited time and cost through the competent administrator and the few instructors instead of using the Learning and development (L&D) team.

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